Things I have Missed Sharing! (Lengthy!)

1. I am back in the gym... 
And it is carnage.  It is a slow and sore start for which I am wholly responsible for having to endure.  Student teaching was kind of really hard on me- definitely the most stressful scholarly semester I have experienced ever.  Consequently as November soared in with multiple observations and essentially teaching full time for the first time, my gym visits rapidly declined.  I still went, but what good is it really to go twice a week (see Nest article in #6)?  Come December, I went a zero times.  These months of falling off the exercise (and eating) wagon have backtracked me considerably.  So here I go.  I am ready to be obsessed with how exercising feels again.  I'm tired of crying over Biggest Loser episodes, even though I still will. :)

I dropped my overpriced Gold's membership and moved my membership to Planet Fitness.  I like it a lot!  There are tons of machines and the environment is good.  I think I will be really happy there.  Shameless plug for Planet Fitness: I am paying 20 bucks/month for gym, unlimited guest privileges (basically, anyone can come with me as much as every day if they want. If ya wanna tag along, hit me up!), unlimited tanning (I am disgustingly white right now and feeling like ass because of that fact), unlimited massage chairs, half price drinks... it's just the way to go for me... This effectively save us $45.50/month between saved tanning and gym expenses.

2. I have developed a slight relationship with Jersey Shore for the first time. (Do you like how I had to share this one before number 3?)
How did I ever stay away from Snooki, JWoww, The Situation and the gang?!  I have been missing out on the trainwreck that is the Jersey Shore!!  Why didn't someone tell me of this trashy hilarity?  I'm sorry, but if you can't find any entertainment value in this show, it's your own fault.  It's a hilarious spectacle. I think I should make Jersey Shore names for all my friends...

3. I got a new job!
I am delighted to inform you all of my new job with a local elementary school!  I am helping about 10 students in grades 3-5 throughout most of their school day and for two hours every afternoon. (M-F 9-5).  These children are experiencing difficulties decoding and need help achieving in reading.  I am completely excited about starting this job and meeting these kids.  I am also excited that it could translate into a classroom position for next fall if I work hard and show I can get results!

4. The holidays went well.
This is worth saying.  We ran around the region over Christmas, but it is always like that.  As much as I love spending time with my family, sometimes I wish we could bring everyone to us.  Maybe when we have babes, this will be easier to accomplish.  I really want my kids to wake up slow at home on Christmas morning.

5. A few  Several unspoken resolutions:
1. Be a better friend, daughter, sister and wife.
I always want to do this.  I find it is more important now than ever.

2. Be more faith-full.
Not in my marriage, but in my heart.  I need to have more faith in God.  I want to be able to relinquish control of some of the plaguing situations I face, and know that He will take of it.  Maybe it won't be the way that makes sense to me, but it will be taken care of.

3. Get these floors/carpets redone in some capacity. 
I am tired of these shitty carpets.  So is Matt.  I believe this will be a tax refund investment.

4. Land a classroom teaching position.
I am closer all the time with my new position.  I still plan to apply to a few other districts across the region, too.

5. Concentrate on my fitness, not my impending baby fever.
This probably should be its own post, but alas...Since I was a little girl, I always knew I would be a mom.  To be honest, it might be is a stronger and more permanent aspiration than any other I have had.  Since about last summer, the baby fever is sweeping in.  And lately people all around me are pregnant and experiencing the miracle of birth.  I have a sorority sister who lives in Kentucky; I met her in Palm Springs for our soror's convention.  She and I managed to become facebook friends and I have followed her marriage and life virtually.  After a long bout of trying to conceive, she did.  She is a beautiful writer and has written about her pregnancy in a blog.  It brings tears to my eyes a lot of the time.  Things like that make me look forward to our time.  I have a new little cousin as of Monday.  I saw him on his birth day and he looked so small and peaceful.  Life is such a miracle and gift.  M knows all about my baby fever.  We talk about that time a lot.
We both know it's not the right time.  So this year, I resolve to focus on getting me right first. Getting a salaried job, my thesis mostly done and my weight where I want it to be (which btw, will still call me fat on a doctor's weight chart.)  And I guess I resolve to watch less episodes of a Baby Story and Teen Mom... that one's gonna be tricky... ;-)

6. Random Thingys and Thoughts:
I like to write and writing a thesis is scary to me.

Have you ever tried those Black Ice flavored waters from Sam's?  You should.

I switched face wash this week to philosophy's Purity. So far, so good.

Nest article re: Weight Loss Mistakes keeping us from losing weight.

I have been loving the new Maroon 5 c.d.  If you're a fan, you should look into it.

Did you know that you can upload coupons from Kroger's website onto your Kroger card?  Sure beats shuffling around the paper ones in line.

Don't waste your money on Little Fockers, but do see True Grit.



Here's The Deal...

So without any good excuse, it has taken me 20 days to get to my blog and start blogging about the new year, my personal goals, the usual new year rants...

Because I am getting ready to leave in like ten minutes and make my first gym appearance since early December... (shameful)... I will give you a better post(s) this afternoon... but I guess my point is... I didn't die!  I am still here, still wanting to blog about the randoms in my/our life/lives.

So for now, you will have to wait in suspense!