In the Calm of a Snowy Morning...

When the snow falls, I am such a big fan.  That continuous fluffy blanket of white hasn't been corrupted by dirty footprints or plows and shovels.  The millions of tiny flakes just fall into a perfect sea of white.  This morning, I woke up early to that dull before-sunrise glow of the reflecting snow.  As a young child, I always could count on at least a delay whenever I saw that orangey glow in the early morning sky. (Since in Salem, a day off was never a guarantee).

So this morning, I came downstairs, made myself a few cups of coffee and perfectly crafted omelet, in which none of my cheese fell out into the hot pan and the creation folded perfectly (always a good sign to a good day).  I opened my kitchen blinds so that I could see out.  Nowhere to be, no sense of urgency... just me, my dogs and the snow.

I feel very relaxed today.  This snow is a nice exclamation mark on the sentence of completion of all my work I have done this semester.  I am done and I am at peace... until I start Mr. Thesis, but let's not go there today.

Because today, I am calm.



Tis The Season To Be Jolly!

Well hello there, blog friends!  Long time, no post.  Between getting sick, student teaching, a DMB concert and watching the Hokies kick some FSU arse, I have not been blogging the way I used to blog.  And this was brought to my attention that I needed to blog again! (Thanks K and M! :-) )

I can't believe Christmas is in 15 days.  I definitely have not started Christmas shopping.  M and I are planning an excursion today.  For the first time in a longggg time, I have gift-giving block for a few people on my list.  Some people are so hard to shop for!  I can't detail the specifics here because, gosh, they could be readers! :)  But it has definitely been a frustrating start to shopping for the Osbornes.  M and I went to the mall a couple weeks ago and literally just did the walk in circles.  Great exercise, no gifts bought.  I wasn't in the mood yet...too much stress.

Now that hopefully the stress is on the decline, today, I am in the mood to be merry.  I just watched figure skating on the Today show, which omg I have missed so much... now that I am done with school, I am not waking up at 5AM every day and having to endure local news every day... I have been listening to my favorite Christmas songs (see new playlist to the right).  My favorite carol isn't on there (The First Noel) because I did not see a version on there that I was in love with.  But I am definitely in awe of all the beautiful music which surrounds us this time of year.  I have done a good job of resisting 99.1 and 93.5 so that I don't get tired of it too quickly.

Speaking of beautiful music, my brother has a Christmas choral concert tonight at St. Andrew's.  And if it is anything like the last one, it will probably make me cry.  Seeing my hippie wannabe, festival-attending, laid back to a fault brother in a tux singing beautiful ensemble music is funny on some level.  Then on another level it hits me right in the heart.

Our tree has been up, but I cannot wait to get some gifts for my family underneath.  Must get showered and get a move on... well unless Matt sleeps in, in which case, I will watch The Holiday in our subzero basement.