Summer Breeze... Is It Possible I am Tired of You?

Confession time... I have had my first hankering for the autumn season possibly ever this week.  Typically, I never want summer to end.  It is this wonderland of sunscreen, warmth and water, which I love.  This summer, it has been the wonderland of mosquito bites, high cooling bills, unbearable heat and humidity and overcommitments.  I didn't set a foot in the warm sand of the coast, which makes me sort of feel like summer was never here in the first place.  I did get some pool time which was absolutely the highlight of these past few months.

I went perusing in the craft store Monday.  And guess what? It smells like cinnamonny goodness and is full of autumn artificial flowers.  The rich reds, oranges and yellows filled the front half of the store.  Not to mention they had Halloween knick knacks out already.

I did what my Grammy calls a "sashay" through Stein Mart to find fall sweaters and slacks peaking through the sale racks of sundresses.  Autumn in just around the corner and I am not mad.  And my feelings on the matter are shocking me.

I bought a new planner and binder for student teaching because Walmart has their back to school aisles full and ready.  Back to school shopping was always a favorite as a little Audrey.  I remember the excitement of hitting a freshly sharpened pencil to a brand new clean notebook.  My handwriting stayed neat for two weeks max in honor of the occasion!  I also liked getting back to school clothes with my Mom, something I need to plan to do at the end of August to ensure I have well-fitting and versatile business casual wear for student teaching.

Also worthy of note, I talked about/made potential plans with my Dad for football season for the first time this week.  If anything marks the change of summer to fall for Hokies, this is it.  We have our eyes on a couple home games and in approximately five weeks, the season will commence.  If you know me at all, you know this is huge.  A home VT game is the ultimate fall experience.  A greasy overpriced jumbo turkey leg and all the discreetly transported bourbon in your already intoxicated friend's socks... tailgating and chanting in the parking lot with complete strangers as you play cornhole or just sit your can in a chair and drink some (many) cold ones.  You know beyond a shadow of a doubt your new parking lot friends are okay because they are Hokies.  Until then...
Get Your Lane Fix...

All I can think about are light cardigans and dark jeans with flats a light scarf and no jacket.  All I can smell is that woody fall smell, the moisture-drained air, apples and sharpened pencils... All I can hear is a loud Lane Stadium... All I can see are my little second graders' faces...or what I am envisioning they look like, seeing as we have not met. And I am ready for fall.



A good report

I am excited to report that yesterday's weigh-in with the doc went really well.  As in, much better than I could have hoped for.  I lost another 10 pounds last month, bringing my total loss from my heaviest weight a pound and eight tenths shy of 40 total pounds lost. Yay!

As I lose weight I think I am kind of losing sight of what my body looks like at all.  Basically I have no idea what size I am.  Dr. Floyd says this is normal, especially for where I am in the overall journey and that as I get closer to my goal, those feelings will likely go away.

She also challenged me to lose ten more this month.. which is going to be work, but I know I can do it because I just did it. I am especially motivated knowing that ten more pounds puts me very close to 50 pounds lost.

New playlist coming soon!



Pumpkin Plant Heaven, Osborne Landscaping

Hey hey hey!  It's been a few days, but I feel the need to share with you that Matthew's beloved pumpkin plant was pulled up a few days him! I know you're shocked...  It was his decision and a very sad day for him, as he had such high hopes of making jack-o-lanterns and my pumpkin pies from our crops.  However, the pumpkin was being a resource hog and no one likes resource hogs.  Our teeny fig tree looks like it can breathe again!

We had a great time yesterday with our new $14.99 buy from Lowe's, a small solar-powered multicolored LED ball in the front flower bed.  The colors change, which is kind of fun.  Some might call it gaudy, but we like it.  Looks like the picture below during the day, except our model is a little more ornate and the black comes around the top with a little design. 

And here is a not-that-great photo found through google images of the light at night.

Anyway, a better, more thought-out post coming soon.  Have a lovely weekend.



July Faves

My must-have products for July!
1. Paul Mitchell Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner-
This stuff brought moisture back to my post-coloring ends in two days.  I'm considering that miracle work.
2. Bare Escentuals Well Cared For Brush Conditioning Shampoo
I can't believe I didn't own this until today.  I washed my brushes for the first time ever and they are thanking me for it.  Attention Roanoke girls: a big tube of this is only $7 at Kira Kira in West Village on 419 right now!
 3. Grapes-
I used to eat grapes a lot when I still lived at home and I think I burnt myself out on them.  However here lately on these humid sweltering days, I have been enjoying a handful of grapes as a snack.  They are so good and refreshing.  Healthy, too!

4. Bath and Body Works Exfoliating Shower Gel in Sea Island Cotton
Nothing smells better for the middle of summer than Sea Island Cotton. Not to mention this stuff is a great gentle exfoliating body wash.  Caution: Do not be an idiot like I was and try to use as a shaving gel.  It hurts your legs and will gum up your razor.  But it is great for rough spots on feet and elbows!
5.  New Balance 2 Pack of Sports Bras at Sam's Club
This purchase had been a long time coming. I needed new sports bras realllllllly badly. When you have a chest, an inadequate sports bra is not only unflattering as you fly around everywhere during your workout, but also painful at times, especially in my case where some of mine had gotten too big to provide support.  These sports bras have been amazing for me.    These were so cheap (I think I got two for 10-15 bucks).  I can't find images of them anywhere but they have a "lightning dry" feature, which is helpful for the sweaters in the world (this kid right here).  I am considering getting another pack next time I venture out that way.



Blog Layout ADD!

I am always wanting to change my blog layouts.. hopefully this one will stick for awhile!



That's Right, Put in Work, Move Your Ass, Go Berserk...

I had another mini weight loss victory yesterday as I was getting ready for work.  It was one of those days where I sigh to myself and say " I have absolutely nothing to wear."  I was struggling to clothe myself and on a whim decided to try an old (but worn maybe three times) pair of cute summer dress pants (3 sizes smaller than my wedding dress) I bought a couple years ago.  And, to my pleasant surprise, they fit!  Truthfully, I am pretty sure these pants never fit me well until now.  I think I snagged them up in a sale without trying them (disastrous idea, I know). I can remember that the pockets used to kind of bow out (annoying to anyone else with hips?) and they don't anymore!

These little celebrations are incredibly motivating to me as I continue down this path.  It's a better measure to me of how far I have come than weighing in.  Although I will say I am verrrrryyy curious to know my current weight.  Like seriously, the suspense is almost killing me.  I don't check in with the doc until the 26th.  I might cave and have to check before then to see where I least my home scale is calibrated the same as my doctor's scale.. but I have to promise myself only to weigh at home one time.

With all this in mind, I'm getting ready to go have a serious work out.  A couple additional gems entering onto the July playlist maybe only for the day:

Kanye's Workout Plan Kanye West (see blog subject line)

Bulletproof- La Roux

I Believe in a Thing Called Love  The Darkness

Happy weekend!!



Impulse on 7-14-10

I did an impulsive thing today.  I dyed my hair chocolate brown at home.

Wanting to blow chunks every time I pulled my previously rooty, brassy, 2+ month old highlights back out of my face was the main indicator something had to be done.  However, with my vows to watch my spending/restricted fun money, I was not trying to get this done professionally.  I love Jill and she always does an awesome job, but funds are tight these days.. and in general, I think I am becoming a tighter person!  Oh snap- personal revelation.

So I caved. While in CVS with my Grandma to get her a few things, I meandered down the hair color aisle and impulsively made a purchase.

I boxed it with a demi-perm color (28 washes) w/ L'oreal Healthy Look Creme Gloss Color in 4G Dark Golden Brown.  It's always messy doing home color and isn't the best color I've had ever... but it beats the crap out of 2 inch brown roots.  And it does have quite a bit of red tones in it, which I like.  Being closer to my natural hair color is so much less maintenance.  I wouldn't mind boxing it every few weeks... better than paying $50+ for pro color.  Who I am and what did I do with me?

Don't worry...I won't be scissor-handing in my hair anytime soon.  I plan to make an appt. for a haircut with Jill ASAP.



Monday Morning Ramblings...

1. Bring on the Rain
Never have I been more psyched to see an overcast sky.  I normally hate rain.  It makes me sad and lazy.  However, we need the rain so badly, I could do a rain dance.  Our poor yard... we water it twice a day and it still has that dreadful crunch beneath your feet.  Is there a worse sound than that malnourished grass crunch?

2. Mel-t down 
Is Mel Gibson an asshole or what?  I'm pretty sure he is ignorant.  Wondering what I'm talking about? Check this:

3. Career Progress 
I officially passed the Praxis II!! I checked my score this morning and was really happy with how I did.  I am one step closer to student teaching in second grade.  Now if I can just pass this plant class... :)

4. Mazel Tov
We went to a gorgeous wedding Saturday night at Hidden Valley Country Club. My friend Jennie from Hollins got married. It was my first Jewish wedding and it was freaking cool.  They did the breaking of the glass and danced the Hora at the reception.  I kept thinking about how cool it was to incorporate the traditions and how awesome it was to feel like Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers as I exclaimed "Mazel Tov!"

5. "I be up in the gym just workin' on my fitness..."
I have been kicking some major A in the exercise department.  I managed to get in six workouts last week and they were really productive and made me feel good.  However, I am giving myself a day of rest today.  Back to the gym tomorrow.  And on a somewhat blah note, July 4 presented food challenges so I felt sub par in the stomach dept. until about Wednesday last week.  But I am back on track on the eating train now and feel normal again.  It's weird how small deviations make you feel so incredibly horrible.

6. Driving Miss Frances
I am escorting my grandmother to her hair appointment this week.  She had knee replacement surgery about three weeks ago and needs a ride.  I'm glad to help out and also highly interested to watch how one gets her hair "set."  I have never seen this executed from start to finish and am interested in the process.

Have a lovely Monday!



Bethenny Got Married.

Dear Bethenny Frankel Hoppy,

Thank you for creating the Skinny Girl Margarita.  That is about the only positive contribution I feel you have thus far made to our society.

With mixed feelings,

After work last night, I was channel surfing and happened to land upon Bethenny Getting Married on Bravo.  Up to this point, I had never watched Bethenny on t.v.;  I simply assumed she was a pioneer of low caloric, alcoholic concoctions, and therefore an okay lady.  Well as of last night, Bethenny has fallen from my ignorant good graces.

This very pregnant bride, while so stunning, was absolutely grating my every last nerve.  First of all, you're seven months pregnant...and you are on record saying the following:

"I really didn't think I would have to pee in my wedding dress...which is really not that classy."

Really, Bethenny??  You didn't think your baby would stop pressing against your internal organs just because you were getting married, did you?  Your baby clearly knows not to sucker punch your bladder on your big day... how dare that baby...

And to top that all off, B pissed in a trash can/bucket in her wedding dress.  While totally ridiculous, this was pretty freaking hilarious because of her wedding planner, Shawn.  Check it out.  

Not only did she avoid going to the real bathroom to pee in a bucket, after receiving a compliment on her dress, she said something to the effect of "do you love it?" which is the most un-modest response to a compliment I have ever heard.  A simple "thank you" would suffice... That seems like a small thing compared to some of the other inane things she says, but that one really got under my skin!

On another note, bless Shawn, the wedding planner.  He was clearly sweating bullets in his ass-kissing, over-accommodation of this bridezilla.  He's probably glad it's over.

Just a couple reasons why Bethenny is ridiculous...  I think I'm done watching.



Summertime and the living is easy (for now).

Lucky you! Two posts on The Osborne Observer in one day! Hahah :)

For the first time all summer, it felt like summer to me this week.  You may be thinking I'm crazy because it's definitely been hotter than it was this week for the past few weeks.  But finally, I had a chance to do what I wanted... and that was to be summery in every sense of the word.

It was a feeling I had really been missing.  I have been in a "go go go" mode since Memorial Day.  Finally with the restaurant being closed this weekend, no class on Monday and the last few days being much less scheduled than they have been, I got to do summer things.

I laid out at the pool for two days with Jamie.  It was glorious.  There is nothing like getting a tan.  Now when I look down at my legs, I don't cringe at their pastiness.  Last night when Matthew and I got ready to meet Josh and Jamie for dinner, I actually felt tan.  Plus I have legitimate tan lines on my upper bod.  You guys have no idea how huge this is for me.  I love being tan.  Sunshine on my shoulders really does make me happy.

You know that feeling when you go inside after being outside in the sun and you look African?  That's a favorite.  That moment when you peel off your wet swimsuit and see some instant gratification and drink a cold glass of water is amazing, even if you are greasy from sunscreen and sweat...

I love how sunscreen smells.  I whipped out the Banana Boat SPF4 oil for my legs and Australian Gold SPF15 for everywhere else.  Both of which smell glorious- like summer.

Speaking of smells, Bath and Body Works got a new scent and I def stocked up yesterday.  They had a Buy 3 Signature Collection Items, Get 3 Free AND they gave me a $10 off coupon.  In other words, I got almost $70 worth of shit for $27.  My summer scent obsession now is called Forever Sunshine.  I got the Triple Moisture lotion, shower gel and even the spray in this new scent.  I normally don't get the spray from there, but it is me.  It's my new smell for the summertime and I basically love it.

Also, I painted my toes this week and gave myself a pedicure.  That's always a good thing to do to change things up.

I was going to start a painting and then I thought to myself, you know what?  It's summer.  It's gorgeous outside and I have some catching up to do with my favorite season.  Maybe on a rainy day, Mr. Paintbrush.  Just maybe.


Movie Review: Eclipse

Okay so let me lay this foundation for you to first establish my lack of Twilight fanaticism.  Matt and I have seen both of the prior releases and in theaters...  We liked the general story and special effects in 1 and 2.  But it's important to know that I do not in any way shape or form freak the hell out about Twilight.  I don't assign myself to Team Edward or Team Jacob because I am simply not eat up with the Twilight fever.  I'm also not a 16 year old girl waiting in line for a midnight rose-colored glasses have not made an appearance for my perceptions of this saga.

Eclipse, by my estimations, in a word, sucked.  In a few words, fell below my expectations.  Before people start unfriending me on facebook, hear me out.  I have legit reasons for my opinion.

1.  Nothing happened.
The plot here was under-developed and only seemed to scratch the surface of what it could have become.  There was more potential to developing a good plot, but the focus was too much on point number two.

2. It's a wishy washy love triangle.
Memorizing lines was likely a breeze for Bella when you only need to commit a few phrases to memory:
I love you.  No, I don't love you.  You know I don't think of you like that.  Kiss me.  I haven't changed my mind about becoming a vampire for you.  I want you.
Problem is, she is saying this shit to both guys and this is the whole damn movie.  The scriptwriting/ possibly the book writing was incredibly heavy-handed.  There was no subtly.  As my husband put it, "I think a 16 year old girl who has never experienced anything wrote this script."  This point was the biggest turnoff.

3. When I think a fight scene is the highlight of a love story, something is wrong.
The effects in the fight scenes were cool, but let's talk about how that's not normally what I buzz over...

4. Bella pisses me off.
I started noticing stuff like the extra length in her two front teeth.  And then there is how she always looks confused and holds her mouth partially open when other characters are talking (see photo).  Her voice is like dripping paint.  I'm over it.

5.  Redeeming quality: I like the Cullen family.
I could drink beers with Carlisle, Alice and the gang.  I was much more interested in learning about some of their family's history of becoming a vampire than the elementary love triangle.

We decided to Netflix the next chapters in this saga.  So not worth $19.50 for us.

2.5 stars out of 5.




While I know my blog is not that far-reaching, I want to share this with you guys in case you might be able to help.  This story directly affects two people I really care about and I hope you feel as inspired as I do.

One of my best friends, Meghann, sent me a facebook invitation to a group called "Skye Getter" about her fiance, Justin's little cousin named Skye.  Skye has been battling cancer since three when cancerous tumors were discovered on her kidneys.  Currently, Skye is on dialysis, kidney-less and receiving chemo treatments.  Here is here CaringBridge link where you can read more about her story.

This is something Meghann typed for the group:

Skye wants to be able to have received a piece of mail from every state in the US before she leaves us. Her family has maps hung around the walls in the house with thumbtacks covering them from the places she has received mail.
If you could send a postcard, card, letter, whatever, I know it would mean a lot to her. She has two older siblings, her sister Patience, and her brother Aaron.

She is missing mail from California, Washington state, Rhode Island, Nevada, Wyoming, North Dakota, Vermont, New Hampshire, Delaware, Alaska and overseas.  Even if you live in a state not included in that list, please consider sending mail, as I am sure Skye and her family would appreciate.  Also, maybe you know someone who could send mail from one of the states she does not yet have.

The address is:

Skye Getter
P.O. Box 33
Lewisburg, OH 45338

And above the mail, please hold Skye in your thoughts and prayers.  I keep thinking about the wear three years of cancer must be having on her young body.  As Meg put it, she is "losing steam."  The tiring effect it has on her family must be immense as well.  Anything you can do to help her achieve this goal will be deeply appreciated.