In the Calm of a Snowy Morning...

When the snow falls, I am such a big fan.  That continuous fluffy blanket of white hasn't been corrupted by dirty footprints or plows and shovels.  The millions of tiny flakes just fall into a perfect sea of white.  This morning, I woke up early to that dull before-sunrise glow of the reflecting snow.  As a young child, I always could count on at least a delay whenever I saw that orangey glow in the early morning sky. (Since in Salem, a day off was never a guarantee).

So this morning, I came downstairs, made myself a few cups of coffee and perfectly crafted omelet, in which none of my cheese fell out into the hot pan and the creation folded perfectly (always a good sign to a good day).  I opened my kitchen blinds so that I could see out.  Nowhere to be, no sense of urgency... just me, my dogs and the snow.

I feel very relaxed today.  This snow is a nice exclamation mark on the sentence of completion of all my work I have done this semester.  I am done and I am at peace... until I start Mr. Thesis, but let's not go there today.

Because today, I am calm.


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