A Long Lost Blogger

Hi friends!

I told some of you I would be back after school let out for summer and I am meaning to tell you I cannot disappoint!  It's my first Monday off and here I am with some random thoughts... shocking.

I have realized I am a terribly inconsistent blogger.  And that's okay because most of the people who follow me are people I know and they understand my spasticness.  Thank goodness. :-)

What's shufflin' Early Summer 2011:
1. Can't Tell Me Nothing                       Kanye West
2. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall            Coldplay
3. Do It For You, Do It For Us             Ben Harper
4. Party Rock Anthem                           LMFAO
5. Knee Deep                                       ZBB and Jimmy Buffett
6. Tonight Tonight                                 Hot Chelle Rae
7. Rumour Has It                                  Adele
8. Tripping Billies                                  DMB
9. Alumni Blues                                     Phish
10. Summertime                                   Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff

Projects in Progress:
1. Walking dogs more frequently
Ivory's apparently overweight... apparently.. and now eating food she barely likes and on an exercise regimen.  Tassel, however, needs to gain weight, but also needs walks for his "separation anxiety and general anxiety issues"
2. Leveling my class library
This is going to be a beast but worth it.  I need to find the reading levels for all the titles I have so far for my classroom and organize the books into bins.
3.Wrapping up research and beginning writing for thesis ****** (Eighty thousand asterisks and emphasis!)
I'm not gonna lie, I'm behind... like possibly a month behind.  My personal goal is to have a first draft turned out by September.
4.Accumulating stuff for my classroom
Nuff said.

Projects Approaching:
1. Menu Planning System
Matt says I wander through the grocery store like a lost child.  He suggested I start being a more thoughtful consumer and plan the week's meals before setting foot in the store.
2. Couponing? (maybe?)
I am so intrigued, yet so intimidated.
3. Cricut Bulletin Board things (once I figure out which subject(s) I am teaching)
4. Painting upstairs bathroom
It needs a facelift.
5. Reading... for pleasure.
I want to read Water for Elephants.

Things I love lately:
1. Dried Mangoes
2. Burnett's Orange Cream Vodka
So classy right now and excellent in Orange Soda.
3. My Cricut
Best birthday gift in awhile from M.
4. Employment
So blessed to have a position for next year in third grade.
5. Where the Heart Is
I Netflixed this the other day and I had forgotten how excellent it is!



  1. yayayay I love new blog posts!

  2. :) love you miss you. should i start a blog so we can sporatically catch up with each other?

  3. um yes yes and yes... besides, when you make time to write on it, it can be fun!