I feel so fortunate to have a few minutes tonight to update my blog.  I feel like it's been dropped like a bad habit ever since I got busy with school and being a professional wedding attendee!  So tonight I am saying a quick hi to you all.

My life is nuts right now and feels slightly OOC.  I am waiting on a day to catch up, but that day just doesn't look to be in sight.  Brightest side of the hustle bustle are the kids.  My students are so amazing and I am loving being in the classroom.  I have become quite the profesh at laminating, cutting, gluing and creating props for lessons.  It's time-consuming, but a lot of fun.  My decision to become a teacher feels completely validated.  I am not looking forward to the day when I have to leave that classroom!  I will truly miss each smiling face.

We had double header wedding weekends and even had to RSVP no to a wedding this past weekend because I was in a different one.  October is totally the new June.  Everyone and their brother has been rocking the fall wedding and I can see why.  Its gorgeous, moderate weather is the perfect backdrop to a big day.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the weddings we attended this month...and they wouldn't have been the same in a different season.  Attending a wedding as a married couple is a wonderful feeling.  Hearing two loved ones commit themselves to each other serves as such a gentle reminder about the beauty of marriage.  It makes me lovey-er and dovey-er than normal!  You just get to feeling so blessed.

I have been doing fair with exercise... I guess.  Literally, unless I wake up at 4AM, there aren't enough hours in some days.  At times, I don't leave school until 4 and I have to come home to let the dogs out, do work for my online class and get dinner on the table for hubs and my lesson plans ready for the next day or I'm heading to the restaurant...  This transition to being a full blown adult who works 40+ hours a week has frustrated me.  I have come pretty far in my weight loss and want to keep progressing.  Celebration is I have been at least 2x each week since school started.  I feel pretty blahhh that I consider that a celebration, given that I was working out 5x/week when I was really losing quickly, but with everything considered, it is a celebration.  I have my gym bag packed for tomorrow and now that the 2010 weddings are behind us, my alcohol intake can go down to almost non-existent..with the exception of the VT/Duke game, which btw, I scored tickets to with a couple girlfriends!  Everyone needs to let their hair down from time to time...especially when you feel slammed all the time.


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