A few thangs

Hi friends.

Long time, no blog!  So I knew this, among other life necessities and pleasures, would fall by the wayside during student teaching and it's because I literally eat, breathe and sleep school.  I miss writing, so I am making myself take the time tonight.

Here are a few thangs I am not-so-secretly wanting from a distance, in case you happen to care to see:

1.  Gap Wrap Sweater Vest

2. Bare Minerals Double Ended Lip Gloss and Lip Color in Biscotti

3.  Prime Time

4. Gingerbread scent Yankee Candle

5.  Blackberry Wine on my wine rack

6. one to two pairs of wide leg cords from Old Navy

7.  A new haircut makes a new woman and I need one.

8.  ACC Championship tickets

9. Naturalizer Boots

10.  More time in a day

I have decided fall is my new favorite season, and it is here in full swing.  There is something about it that I am digging more than normal this year.  I can't put my finger on it exactly, but it's definitely a nice time of year outside.

Maybe it's because I have some share-worthy songs and bands that are making reappearances in Pandora and iTunes after long hibernations...  Collective Soul, Jimmy Eat World, Dashboard Confessional, Third Eye Blind...  kind of melancholy-ish songs that make me smile.  I don't think I am fully depressed per se, but enjoying these songs, yes.

But I am straight up exhausted.  There is no sugar-coating it or saying it another way.  I'm run down.  School is consuming life.  Saturdays are my only day to do anything I might want to and really, those days have been reserved for others a lot here lately.  I am looking forward to a weekend with my husband and family and some revitalization.  As I excel in school, I feel control on other parts of my life slowwwly slipping away.  As a control freak, that's not okay!  Any suggestions for staying on track, both mentally and physically, in the throws of a crunched schedule? P.S. Waking up earlier to work out is not an option...



  1. welcome to the life of a teacher!

  2. I make myself really anal schedules. If I have to do work at home, I set aside a specific time to do things and make sure I leave time to do something relaxing before bed. Good luck with time management! That is the hardest part of working in my opinion.