Your Fitness Evolved

We got a Kinect for our Xbox this past weekend.  For those non-gaming geeks out there, it's the device in that annoying commercial for Dance Central with the Evacuate the Dancefloor song playing... it's not that annoying since I kind of love that song... just gets in the head all too easy.

Anyway, the point is... the Kinect Your Fitness Evolved game officially kicked my ass yesterday.  One of my kids spilled all her pencils and crayons today and I was cursing my fake trainer as I squatted to assist her.  Seriously though, soreness aside, it's pretty cool.  If you're thinking about this system, it might be worth a go.

There are training programs, gym games and "classes" you can select.  The gym games are great.  There is a virtual punching game that makes me feel pretty good, since I don't punch in real life but definitely have enough stress and angst to punch fake things.  Those uppercut punches really hurt today.  I feel that this system is less inhibited than Wii Fit because you don't have to hold anything or stand on the little platform.  All you have to do is stay inside this green box on the screen.  Also, it will call you out if you don't do the full range of motion.  My fake trainer is kind of a bitch...but I still like her.

I look like a total tool doing the exercises on the screen.  Major tool status.. but I feel that good burn.  I have missed that!  My exercise life has been on pause for the past few weeks.  I have made it to the gym on occasion, but not consistently enough.  I am hoping this will help motivate me... and I don't have to go anywhere to do it!


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