Nothin' Worse Than a Bad Salon Blow Out.

Oh my Lawd friends.  Homegirl got a haircut.  Lost a couple inches, got some bangin' edgy side bangs...

But I left the salon looking like a Beatle with my ends groomed too much with a round brush and turned under in a bob.  And Matt made little comments and faces when I got home.  I felt like making faces, too.  I went to bed at eight oclock feeling like I made a hugeeee mistake.

How in the hell do people give good haircuts and such crappy blowouts?  If you cut it right, the fundamentals are there.  The next day when I did my hair myself, it was fine.  Not my favorite ever, but definitely not terrible.

Does anyone else leave the hair salon looking like a fool, but when they do their own 'do it looks ok?



  1. Ummm.. me. I feel like my stylist does a great job with the cuts, but does it horribly after. I almost always wash it again when I get home to do it myself.

  2. I've definitely had stylists who fit that bill. I love how Sophie does my hair now, but it definitely took some time before she "got" how I wanted it.