An odd weekend.

M and I had to make a very difficult decision to rehome our little dog Tassel.  We took him to his new family yesterday.

I cried like someone died. It kinda feels like someone did. I can remember picking him out and up at eight weeks. He was my doggie. A sweet little lap companion.

But his needs are high and since I have been teaching, his quality of life with us hasn't been meeting those high needs. A six pound dog just can't be in a crate for ten plus hours.

Ivory can handle it because she is much lower maintenance.  She has been a bit off the past day but we think its probably because we are. She keeps kinda looking around like he may show up...

When we took him he just nuzzled his little head in my chest and looked up. I wonder if dogs can wonder if you're coming back for them.  I really hope not.

Keep me in your prayers. I really need them.




  1. Poor little thing, I remember when you got him! Good luck adjusting! I'll be thinking of you.

  2. :( things will be ok. you did it for him.

  3. :( you did everything for the right reasons, so all will be well. *hugs*