Hokie Humbling

I have spent the last few hours nursing my wounds.  As one of my sorority sisters put it yesterday, the Hokies "broke my little football heart."  Virginia Tech football is one of my favorite pastimes.  And we're not used to losing.  And with some of the talent we possess, we shouldn't have to be losing... Now we know how the Hoos feel every year.  But it's so much worse than that.

photo credit: Boston Globe

When you start your season with such national title buzz, it's harder.  If I had a dime for how many times I heard "this could be THE year" I would be a rich lady! "We've got Evans and Williams (sidenote: does anyone think that's funny?? like Evan Williams, or as Matt calls it Evil Williams) we're going to be unstoppable."  Well I don't care who we have in the backfield, folks.  Because until our O Line can nut up and do their job and a competent offensive coordinator is in place, Evans and Williams can't shine.

This week has been humiliating if you're a Hokie.  And humbling.  I am coming to terms with the fact, and suggesting that you do, too, that we just may not be that good this year.  This notion totally sucks.  We're used to winning and succeeding.  Monday night, we should have beaten Boise State, but we made too many mistakes.  Everyone thought JMU was a mark in the W column as soon as it was scheduled.  And we absolutely were humiliated.  At home. In the rain.  See Boston College game.  You know which one I'm talkin' about...

We as fans need to acclimate to the fact that we cannot discount anyone this year.  Unless we get our s together and quick, we will lose to GT and Miami... and could lose to people we assume we will beat (e.g. Duke and UVA).  If UVA beats us at home on November 27th, I will lose my shit.  But it's a possibility we have to entertain this year.

People threatening to sell their season tix are simply grieving.  You know they won't do that jank.  When you're a Hokie, you're a Hokie for life.  I will bleed maroon and orange until the day I die and they will too.  So let's get back up and cheer for a redemptive rest of the season.  GO TECH GO!!


P.S: ESPN ACC reporter Heather Denich (or something like that) wrote a blog about the Hokies in which she referred to the Lunch Pail as a Garbage Pail.  I say let's find her house and roll it with tp.


  1. I cant stand that ESPN blogger abt the ACC. she is so anti-VT its annoying. I cant handle her.

  2. I concur. Operation TP her house is a go!

  3. Loved this blog! P.S. your playlist is Amazing!