Tiiiiime, why you punish me?

Everyone loves a little Hootie lyric as a post title...

So I am without a doubt dropping the blog ball.  It's been nine days since my last post and I am not surprised that this is starting to happen.  With school starting up, my schedule has been flipped around and changed a whole lot.

The first week was amazing and I love it, just like I knew I would.  I have already started a notebook just for recording the funny things kids say... I've almost filled a page so far and it's only been four days.

As a poor manager of time, this week is showing me  (or trying to show me) how to maximize my time.  I went to the gym 2/4 days after school this week (one of those misses I had to go straight to the restaurant, so I am calling that an excused absence).  I did manage to go on Labor Day during the morning, so that was three times this week.  I don't feel awesome about this, but I think it's going to get better.  The other day I missed after school this week, I didn't even take a bag.  Our pantry and fridge were damn near empty and that's historically been my job to grocery shop.  So I did.  And went to the bank to deposit my paycheck and the post office to mail a bill.

I never thought about how much time I had to run errands before until school started.  I've been staying pretty late in the afternoons, too..The kids leave around 2:20ish and I have been leaving around 4 or so every day.  But after the kids go, it's like time is on speed.  It always feels like 15 minutes has passed before I actually stop planning/conferencing and leave.

My new life goal is to learn to use Saturdays wisely.  This is tough during football season, but Saturday mornings are now my best time for errands and keeping house.  Except for today that is... I am currently supposed to be studying for my last endorsement course and have to take the test by 12:30 today at VWCC long distance learning center...   I also have to write my weekly student teaching journals which are due by tomorrow evening... but I have still committed myself to two days at the restaurant (Friday and Sunday).. today's the day those journals have to get done.

On a positive time management note, I have started planning my unit and don't even have to teach it until November.  I am very happy about getting jump on this.

Let's cross our fingers for getting on a feasible schedule and quick!



  1. girlfriend, it is HARD! If you figure out how to do it, let me know your secret!

  2. I have a lot of materials. Let me know if you need anything! Oh and PS. keep up working on the Unit Plan because that will kick your butt if you wait til the last minute.