Computer Programmer by Day, Paranormal Investigator by Night?

Alternative Titles of This Post:
No More Ghost Hunters before bed...
When We Think Our Dreams are Real...
M Makes Me Laugh.
My Husband, The Alarmist.

Last night, we watched some Ghost Hunters on Sci Fi (nerd-gasm!) before falling asleep.  And if anyone should have been entitled to having a scary dream, it should have been me, who literally fell asleep during an investigation of a haunted castle in Europe.  However, this is M's story.  Let's be clear when I say my husband isn't necessarily a sleep talker... he occasionally mumbles during sleep, but I think we all do that, from time to time.

In the middle of the night, he jostles awake from sleep (OR WHAT LOOKED LIKE AN AWAKENED STATE**** this is a most important distinction.) and says "AUDREY Oh my God, do you see that???!" 

Groggy, unpleasantly surprised and irritated from being pulled from what was my rather pleasant dreamland (which was quite a nice and welcome vacation from my school anxiety dreams which have been plaguing me all summer long (i.e. no lesson plans, no class library, students leaving the room, being out of control... those are a whole other story)).... I said "what are you talking about?" 

"In the corner over there, do you see that shadow?"  At this point, I am a little spooked.  M is probably one of the most reasonable individuals I know, so I take his concern seriously.  I sit up in bed trying to establish the shadowing and shapes he is referring to by the door in our bedroom.  After a few moments of sleepy confusion, and what I could have sworn was M actually looking at me while I tried to negotiate this claim, I reply with a simple "I don't see anything, babe."

"Do you think our cameras will pick up that shadowing?  It's almost like what we saw in those other houses."  Let's be clear again- there are NO cameras of any kind in our bedroom- so hold thy comments. 

At this point, I realize that M is essentially talking and dreaming simultaneously.  With an appearance of being awake, this was a rare occurrence for us.  Now it's time to have a little fun...

"What kinds of things did we see in other houses?" I egged on, with a exhausted smile in the dark.

"Apparitions, shadows and beams of light. Don't you remember?" M has convinced himself of this reality.

"Are you sure I was there?  Because I don't remember being there..." I probed.

"You don't remember being there??" ::M shakes head in disappointment::

Too ashamed to go on, I say "I think you are having a dream."

"No I'm pretty sure I would know if this was a dream..."

End scene.

This morning, he remembers nothing about this event, or the dream sequence at all for that matter.  Does anyone else or anyone else's spouse or bedmate as the case may be, have perfectly lucid conversations and not remember them?




  1. omg. this is hilarious. I AM DYING.

    Jimmy will occassionally mumble, and sometimes says a sentence or two that makes no sense (last time this happened he said, "we are two people. we can grow grass.") but never ANYTHING like that. tooooo funny.

  2. I do this to Mac all the time. Sometimes, he wakes up. Other times, I really enjoy what I get him to say. Sadly, he hasn't had a ghost story dreams.