Green Thumbs?

Today was a great day in the home improvement area of our lives.  We decided, somewhat spur of the moment (always the best way), to do a little landscaping.  And while we haven't done all we need to do this spring, we had a really good time and planted several new plants that hopefully we (and by we, I mean I) won't kill.

Well first of all, let me say this-- last week our yard was weed-free.  This week, it looked like we had purposefully planted about a million gazillion weeds and dandelions of both the white and yellow variety randomly in our grass and plant beds.  Grossssss.  How can you make something colorful and beautiful with those poison ivy poser weeds (we're such novices that we seriously thought it was PI for like thirty minutes before I decided to take the plunge and start yanking shit up...I guess we'll see if my suspicions that it indeed was not PI are confirmed by tomorrow morning.  So far I am itch-free.) Reading stories on this site, I have become paranoid in the past five minutes

So that was my main job- weed puller extraordinaire.  I got my hands dirty.  Knowing me, you may think that this is the antithesis of my definition of a good time. However, given that Matt enjoys being outside in the yard, it was really an awesome bonding experience for us to work on our house together.  He was the digger in our duo and worked a lot harder than I did with a big shovel.  We planted a lily, a yellow rose bush (super duper excited about that one) some daisies, lavender, and a spreading blue plant out front.  We also planted a fig tree out back and I am hoping it's fruitful (get it?)  We need to re-mulch soon and we will call it a season in the yard.

Here's to hoping I don't kill our little sprouts!

And now, on to cleaning the deck!  I am thinking that's probably long overdue since I slipped in some wet algae a couple weeks ago, don'tcha think?



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