Worst Fashion Faux Pas Ever!

Since my sore throat/congestion/assumed allergies have me running half speed, I am currently sitting on my butt watching a rerun from one of my fave shows ever, What Not to Wear, and updating my blog.

Right now Stacy and Clinton are ransacking this lady's wardrobe and she definitely wore one of my top ten worst fashion faux pas into the 360 degree mirror... and thought it was completely okay.  Before I tell you what it was (I know, the suspense is killing you), I have a background story.

One of my BFFs, Jackie Kuntz detests jean shorts.  She detests them so much in fact that she has a blog dedicated to stealthy photography of jorts offenders.  Read it here!!  It's hilarious. Well, not that I am a jorts lover, by any means, but jorts have to be superior to...


As if going into the 360 isn't intimidating enough, having to analyze the fit of your clothing from every angle, this lady chose to model her jean overalls... They were Dickies.  Pretty sure grown women should never own these.  The only exception might be a farmer...maybe.

Her explanation was even better than her poor choice, as she rationalized wearing them because they were her fat pants.  Come on, lady...  Get some better fat pants.  Or better yet, wear a dress!  That's what I wear if I'm feeling fatter than usual!  You're a freaking hairstylist for goodness sakes--step it the hell up!

I'm not claiming to be an expert, but let my impart my thoughts:

Aud's Top Ten Annoying Faux Pas Committed by Everyday People (in no particular order) 
(everyday people, because celebrities don't count.)

1. Joveralls over age 3 (see above)

2. Dressing Age Inappropriately: It's called the juniors department for a reason... and even for that age demographic, I'm totally not wild about it.  Nothing worse than a 50 y/o wardrobing herself in the hot spots for teenagers.

3. Over-accessorizing: Big earrings, big purse, matching shoes, big necklace... too much is too much.

4. Jorts (in particular on men, some skinny biotches can pull it off)

5. Overly Matchy Matchy Outfits: Example: Printed top with pants that are the exact same color as one of the colors in the print... with a shoe that is another color in the print..with a purse that matches the pants... you get the picture. Example 2: When older married couples dress alike on vacations.

6. Pajamas in Public (whether the wearer is aware the outfit is sleepwear or not): I might have done this in college.  Never again.

7. 3-4 Inch Heels When they aren't practical: I used to do this alllll the time.  Then my feet would hurt and I ended up barefoot and stumpy-looking.  Then I found/placed more stock in my faithful friends, pointy toe flats and flip flops.

8. Poor hygiene It affects the fashionable-ness of whatever you have on.

9. D on D (Denim on Denim): Refers to a denim top and denim bottom being worn simultaneously- can be same wash or different washes. Ex: jean jacket paired with jeans.

10. Choosing Trend over Fit: Example: Just because skinny jeans are in does not mean I can wear them.

OMG this girl on WNTW just got her hair and makeup done and she looks amazing. No more joveralls for her!




  1. I totally rocked joveralls in elementary school. I think I'm wearing them in my 5th grade year book picture! haha Also, I want pajama jeans. just saying.

  2. I have def had joveralls in middle school. And they were shorts... so ashamed, I am.

  3. your blog makes me laugh. some of my favorite parts:
    “step it the hell up”
    “some skinny biotches can pull it off”

    hahah whenever I go home for the weekend, my mom and I loveee watching this show!