Hey, Teacher, Leave Tiger Alone...

At this point, I feel so freakin' sorry for Tiger Woods.  I don't think I have ever seen anyone have to apologize for their mistakes on more occasions than this man.  I'm not saying I think he's really a recovering sex addict, not that it matters.  I'm not saying he didn't sleep with a countless number of women.  I do think he made several indiscretions along the way, like any human being is capable of doing.  And not only are we capable, but inevitably we will all make mistakes, something easily forgotten by our relentless news media.

So to add to this Tiger craze, on Friday, Maureen Decker, Tiger Woods' Kindergarten teacher holds this highly publicized press conference with her lawyer.  In this splashy public denial of an incident Tiger claims happened to him on his first day of Kindergarten, this teacher's lawyer reads a carefully crafted statement claiming slander from Woods' 2005 book that outlines a racial incident on the first day of school.   Decker says Tiger did not experience such an incident and his book saying the teacher "didn't do much of anything" is a lie.  She also groans and moans about never having been so mistreated by any of her pupils until this lie. The duo demands private and public apology.

If you watch this conference, it becomes clear what Ms. Decker really wants.  A little slice of the Tiger Woods' wealth pie and public recognition. What an opportunist... Why else would she have waited five years to come forward with this, saying "she could not get through to Tiger prior to now?"  She is clearly trying to capitalize of his currently shaky reputation and life in the media spotlight.  Is anyone else's B.S.omoter going off?  She clearly could have taken legal action upon the publication of the book, had this been so important to her.

To me, it matters not whether or not this racial incident actually happened.  It's the timing of it all that makes me disapprove of her actions.  Had she held this press conference five years ago, I bet I would have been a whole lot less skeptical.

But not only are her motivations transparent, but a lot about her behavior is simply unprofessional.  The teacher's lawyer shows a picture of Tiger Woods from Kindergarten on what appears to be the class' picture page from the yearbook.  How in the heck is that relevant? Additionally, Decker herself shows a little 'tude when she talks about his 12 step program for a "so-called sex addiction".  I'm sorry, but you are a teacher.  This is not your place to be throwing accusations at a man who has had so many of them coming at him.  And she only knew him well when he was five years old.

I wish everyone would let Tiger do what Tiger does.  Play golf and handle his private affairs just as they should be held: privately!

Can you imagine being under a microscope 24-7?



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