Back from My Blogging Hiatus

Good morning, blog friendsies! I'm back.

After a crazy few weeks of vacation/graduation/school/life in general, I really haven't had much extra time at all to come in here and dump my thoughts on my followers :) So here I am!

Aud's Updates:
1. New York
Our anniversary trip to New York was amazing.  We had a really great time.  Ate and drank too much, saw a Broadway show, shopped a little here and there, spent a lot of time in Central Park and enjoyed one another's company.  With the hectic nature of Matt's work and my school schedule, we have not had all that much time lately just to kick up our heels together.  This trip was much needed, even though we were thrown right back into the hectic nature as soon as we got home.  I finally finished my math class and am now just focusing on my plant life class...which I feel will be enough to keep me occupied.

2. My brother graduated
My little brother graduated this week from high school.  I didn't cry, but it was just weird.  I feel like I just went through all of the things he is currently going through not too long ago.  But in reality, it was six years ago.  And so much has changed for which I am thankful.  I had an amazing college experience, met my husband, and answered that question that used to constantly plague me: "what am I going to do with my life?"
Lance has orientation at Radford before the month is up, which makes me think about my Tech orientation.  I was so excited about the new direction and had absolutely no idea how in love with that place I was about to become.

3. Diet Thangs
I ate cheesecake, pizza and a soft pretzel in NYC.  I drank many a beer. I just couldn't deny myself.  And later on, I was regretful and pissed off at myself for succumbing to the temptations. However, when I weighed in with my doctor, bracing myself for a gain,  I lost almost a pound. While it wasn't much for a month's worth (three weeks of work and one week of disregard), was a victory, I suppose.  I did work out on vacation, something I have never fathomed prior to now, so that was good.  Despite how incredibly busy and overloaded I have been, I worked out four solid times this week and hiked yesterday with my class in Grayson County, so I feel a lot better than when I arrived back home.  When I got home I was so puffy and bloated from my straying.  I forgot how bad the tempting food makes you feel when it's all said and done.  I feel like I am back to my normal schedule.  This week, the goal is to push harder.  I would love to lose ten pounds this month.  New playlists are invited.

4. Cleanliness is next to godliness 
My house was grosser than I might have liked before we left.  And I really hate that.  So after the Praxis, 15-20ish hours of homework, a weekend of working and graduation were behind me, the first thing I wanted to do was clean.  Thursday I cleaned the whole house except Matthew's bathroom (I just don't ever clean in there...) and our room (which was probably pretty decently clean before we left).  It just feels so good when you do this.  And although the glass doors have doggy noseprints on them already, I don't even care.  It's so good to be home and feel good about your home.

5. Canvases are waiting
I told myself I would start painting this summer.  I must have been crazy, as it's almost July and I have yet to touch a brush to canvas.  But I have several canvases downstairs just waiting for some inspiration.  I am hoping to get into all this fun during the week this week.  I have never painted for real before, so keep me in your Ts and Ps (thoughts and prayers- you like that abbreviation action).

6.  School Thangs
As I have alluded to a few times in this blog, school has been sucking me dry.  My math class was a life-ruiner.  I had so much homework to make up after our trip knocked me out of two classes.  Luckily, the test we took upon my return was on matrices, which I understood a hell of a lot better than logs and exponents.  He let us work in partners and my partner and I swung a 104, including our homework points.  So I figured I could bomb the final and get a 60 and still get a B in the class.  I don't think I did bomb the final that bad, but it could have been close because I just did not care anymore.  My plant life class is different.  It's a science with a lab, but the lab portion is all fieldwork outside, which I think is better than being in a chem lab.  We had an all-day field trip yesterday to Mt. Rogers in Grayson, specifically White Top Mtn.  It's actually a very beautiful community, but I was way more into the scenery than keying plants.  I got a really attractive sports bra/tanktop tan/burn (sarcasm).  On an exciting artist note, I caught this little guy on the wildflowers yesterday (below).
I took the Praxis II a day and a half after we got home from NYC.  It was pretty easy for the most part.  I hope I passed.  Standardized tests stress me out.
I am starting to see my teaching career become more and more of a feasible reality.  This makes me elated.  I am ready.  Student teaching is just around the corner and really only depends on my passing the Praxis and passing this plant life course.  I can't believe it's almost here.
I also had a lot of time on the train to think last week.  And I thought about my thesis.  My department hasn't prompted me to start brainstorming on my topic yet, but I think I want to write about Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences (for all you education guys and gals out there who know what that is).  It's one of my favorite theories involving lesson/unit/curriculum planning, particularly in the elementary school classroom.  I just need to explore what the existing research is and choose some sort of angle.  I feel like I am getting ahead on Mr. Thesis by even selecting a direction, so that feels good.

Okay enough for now!!



  1. Thanks Sam! :) I love yours, too! Cute diaper cake!