June Faves!!

Aud's June Must Haves!!

1. Off Family Care Unscented Bug Spray- I used to be a Skin So Soft lover.  Well I didn't have enough time to order through Avon for my plant class.  I tried this stuff and it doesn't stink like normal bug spray.  The bugs love me and now that I'm Miss Nature Plant Identifier Queen, I have to protect myself.

2. Jack Johnson, To The Sea-  This CD has been on repeat this month for me.  It's so relaxing and personally, I think it's one of his better recent releases.  Fave tracks include: "At or With Me" "Red Wine, Mistakes,
Mythologies" "Turn Your Love" and "Upsetter".  Basically, the whole damn album rocks my summer-lovin' world.

3. Rare Minerals Purifying Facial Cleanser-  I actually got this stuff at the end of May, but haven't had adequate time to rave about it.  This is the best cleanser I have ever used.  It's affordable for a quality product ($18 on and foams like none other.  My skin looks a lot healthier and glowy-er since I have been using it.  Breakouts have been fewer and farther between and I feel much more comfortable with my face before I go to bed when I am bare-faced (I still try to wear foundation every day because of its SPF).  I used to use the RM Renew and Refresh cleanser, which is actually a powder until it gets wet.  While the cleanser worked, that concept didn't really jive well with me.

4.  Air Conditioning Holy Lord, it's been hot.  This week, it is forecast not to fall below 90 degrees all week.  As simple as it seems, AC has to make my list.

5. My own gym towel from home  Along the thought of getting hot, I am having to start bringing my own towel to the gym.  Normally, you can pick one up on the way in and discard it in a hamper on the way out.  The clean towels here lately have absolutely reeked.  Reeked, as in maybe they were just throw in some detergent-less, fabric softener-less water.  I know maybe some people have allergies to the good-smelling things I use in my laundry loads, but Jesus.  You have to use a good deal of detergent to cut some people's funk out of those towels.  Meanwhile if I use their towels, I'm on the verge of gagging during my workout and I end up smelling like mildew and gym.  And I typically sweat, but don't ever naturally smell like a hiker on the AT.  And the smell from the towels is not just getting on my hands!  Because I sweat gallons in the gym, I use a towel to wipe my face and arms, too.  Sick nasty.  Bringing my own from home from June forward.

6. Patience  Whether it's been sitting through math class or plant class or waiting on scores from testing, this month has largely been about being patient to start my career.  I am so close.  I just got the official letter yesterday telling me my placement for student teaching will be at East Salem in 2nd grade pending the completion of my requirements (all of which should come through).  I am so excited, but it's also easy impatient.  I have been in this program since Fall 2008.  I can't wait to meet my 2nd graders in the fall and be one step closer to a job!


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