July Cardio Playlist

I need a change of pace in my ears...  Here's my July list.

1. Pretty Boy Swag Soulja Boy Tell'em- This song cracks me the hell up.  And it's good to warm up to.

2. Hello Good Morning Diddy-Dirty Money feat. T.I.- It's only appropriate I hear Good Morning since my workouts are typically always AM workouts!

3. Round and Round Selena Gomez and The Scene-  Great beat.  Very poppy, but I eat it up.

4. Teach Me How to Dougie Cali Swag District-  Who knew my playlist would have the word "swag" on it twice?

5.  Misery Maroon 5-  I like this song a lot.  I've always enjoyed Maroon 5's distinct sound.

6.  OMG  Usher feat Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Myyy Goshhh.. This one is overdue to make the cardio cut.

7.  My Own Worst Enemy  Lit-  Blast from the past.  You know you love it.

8.  Rude Boy Rihanna-  Even though the rest of the world is tired of this one,   I'm not ready to take it off yet.

9.  Uprising Muse-  Lance got me into Muse.  Their stuff is good for the gym because it's such a progression from kind of chill to intense.

10.  Great White Buffalo Ted Nugent-  Heck yes!  Guitar is OOC.

11. Graduate Third Eye Blind-  Another 90s gem!

12. Carried Away Elisa Schwartz-  Heard this for the first time on The Hills.  Like it a lot.

13.  Try Again (Mash-up)  Aaliyah, Destiny's Child, DMX-  This remix has a great beat and also throws a couple other songs in there, too.

14.  Day Tripper The Beatles- Classic. Maybe the least cardio of my cardio songs, but I like it.

15.  Crazy in Love Beyonce-  To help pick up the pace again

16.  Take Me Out Franz Ferdinand-  Love it.

17.  Bodyrock  Moby-  Very repetitive, but at the end so I can call it quits whenevs I want to.



  1. did I ever tell you about the time I met "Lit" in the mall and picked out what they would wear at the festival they were playing at (and I was attending) the next day. I was 15. This is growing up in New Jersey.

  2. no, but that sounds like a classic new jersey childhood!! i love it.