The Pumpkin Patch Formally Known as Our Backyard...

This spring, the hubs wanted to start a produce garden.  And I was all for it!  Now it has become a great outdoor activity, that he so adorably calls one of his hobbies, which makes me giggle.  Makes me giggle mostly because I can remember a time not so long ago when Lance and I had to be bribed with 10s and 20s to pull weeds for Dad.  And now Matt and I have freely chosen to have a garden together.

My man's got a mad green thumb.  These plants are green and have literally grown as fast as I have ever observed before.  I know I have a tendency to exaggerate, but I am for real this time.  Check this...


Can you tell which one was taken a week ago and which one was taken this week?  I know the angles aren't the same, but can you see the crazy progression??  I told Matt that I am affectionately going to start calling the garden "The Pumpkin Patch".  Reason being, my dear husband purchased pumpkin seeds without reading that they, in fact, were GIANT Pumpkin Plant Seeds.  And rest assured friends- they are becoming giant.  Vining down into our yard, wrapping itself up the small retaining wall between our neighbor's property and ours.  The Pumpkin Patch is not only growing, but showing the beginning signs of several starts of pumpkins.  Let's hope they don't get to be 200 pounds, as the packaging that was neglected so warned is possible.

Below is Matt's attempt at staking the vines to train them in the Pumpkin Patch.

Don't get me wrong...  I am jazzed the plants are doing so well.  We have been constantly laughing at our extremely low expectations being exceeded.  But today, something has to happen with our pumpkins.

There is actually a young fig tree beneath those expansive leaves that likely isn't getting enough sun. That poor little fig tree has been to hell and back.  This young fig tree that was not originally planted there, but Matt really wanted to move it from the original spot we chose, fearing we had it too close to the concrete patio for the roots to grow.  In his first attempt to transport this little guy, he accidentally cut our neighbor's cable line and felt hugely horrible and scared to see them for days (even though they were both really cool and laid back about it and Cox had a temporary line up and running a couple hours later).  And well, long story short, the fig ended up being replanted beside the pumpkin plants before they decided to go ape shit.

I told Matt last night that it's too bad Palm Sunday has come and gone; we could have donated lookalike palms to churches. (Blatant Distasteful Sarcasm.)  Anyway...

I threw in a couple other pics, too...
The Pepper Plants are a favorite of insects/forest animals behind the house.  The leaves have become pretty holey.
Our first little broc peaking out!
Summer Squash- can't wait to cook with this!

I think I'll stick to my flowers and let Matt handle The Patch.


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