Weighty Thoughts

Good morning!  The sun is shining and it's going to be a hot one.

Procrastinating getting dressed and heading to the gym for my morning routine, I have been sitting here thinking about weight loss.  I'm certainly not at a loss for motivation, but I just started thinking about the way people process their weight and weight loss goals.

Recently I have found all kinds of weight loss blogs that I like to read and follow.  It's nice to read about the journeys of others.  Some of them are where I am, in the middle somewhere moving towards their goal.  Some of them have lost insane amounts of weight and are already sitting pretty at their goal weights.  Reading these make me think that maybe I need to better define my goals and reward myself for reaching them.

People like to throw this statement around, but I want to be clear:  Losing weight is not an easy thing.  However, it really isn't an easy thing to have to lose more than 50 pounds.  People who only have ten or so pounds to lose have never grappled with what I grapple with.  When your goal is a lofty one, even when you are succeeding and losing weight, you wish you could do it more quickly.

So far, I have been succeeding.  Working my ass off, but succeeding.  I will be reaching the 30lb. mark sometime in the next week or two.  I just decided this morning rather than getting overwhelmed by long-term goal, I want to set up marked incentives for myself.  My blog seems like a good place to record these.  When I have lost 70 more pounds, I will be entirely happy.  So for all you mathematicians out there, 30 lost + 70 to lose = 100 total pounds lost by the time I reach my goal weight.  Holy shit!  See how it might be easy to get overwhelmed by that?!

Aud's Reasons to Lose 100 Pounds
1. Less risk of developing health issues
2. Healthier pregnancies
3. More energy
4. Cuter body for clothes
5. Be better than just "a pretty face"
6. Smaller boobs (YES!)

Here is my Rewards Plan, just devised.

30lbs= New bathing suit This is mostly out of necessity, but I will be happy to hit this mark.  Most of my current swim bottoms look like I shit my pants because the butt is too big.  This summer's suit will need to be a cheap one because I don't think it will work for next summer.
50lbs=  Mani/Pedi/Facial or Massage Pampertown!  I used to do mani/pedis for myself a lot more often, but we have been cutting back a lot this year.  A couple of spa treatments would truly be a treat.
75lbs= Expensive Handbag Enough said.
90lbs= Some personal training sessions I think I might need these as I get closer to goal to increase the effectiveness of my workouts to shed those last ten.
100lbs= New wardrobe My Dad promised me a new wardrobe on him when I hit my goal.  Buttttt, I imagine my idea of a full wardrobe and his idea of a full wardrobe might be different.  I am going to save up as I approach this marker to make sure I get a good variety of pieces in addition to my staples.

Okay.  Time to go make it happen!



  1. I love the incentives for reaching those mini-goal weights. This way you're not overwhelmed by getting to the final goal, you just push til you get to one and then the next, and so on. I know you'll do it, and you'll be so HOT! I'm looking forward to following your progress! And, my sister was telling me how fab you look! Keep up the amazing work!

  2. I just to tell you that we think alike... I was just getting to write a post about weight loss and when I logged on blogger I saw this post. A few weeks ago I was getting ready to write a blog with all of the pictures of flowers and plants around the house and I saw yours first!

    Anyway, I admire your weight loss goals. I work with people everyday who fight this struggle and I agree that it is not easy. Stay motivated and keep up with smaller goals. They are much more motivating than larger goals. Good luck!

  3. thank you both for your encouraging comments! :)

    Sam, we must reallllly think alike because I always love your blog so much.

  4. Ooooh, I love you Audrey Thomas Osborne. I love your incentives! I too have planned to loose a lofty amount of weight and I feel like Ive been in a rut this past month but this post is really giving me some motivation. I hit the 50lb mark at the beginnning of June but my goal is to lost 35 more.
    I know exactly how you feel about the reasons for losing weight, and all of them are my reasons too (except #2 haha ;) I think you are amazing for working so hard, it really isnt easy but it definitely helps to have friends/SISTERS who are going through the same thing and can motivate/support e/o!

    love yoU! and congrats on your progress so far! Just wait until this time 2011. We will have to have an Alpha Gam reunion at the beach to celebrate;)

  5. Manisha I love you so much. I am 20 away from 50 and so excited to hit that. My goal is to hit 50 before Meg's wedding, which is October 10. Do you think I can do it?! I will be working hard, but I am hopeful. You are so awesome. I'm proud of you. Can't wait to have a reunion next summer. That's an awesome idea.