Falling Behind, Need to Get Ahead!

I am a little disgruntled this morning.  I have a crick in my neck from sleeping awkwardly and a solid 6 to 8 hours of homework to complete before doing anything I want to do today.

I feel like I am falling behind before I have even done so.  I really need to focus this week on:
1. getting our laundry done
2. getting our suitcases packed
3. getting my house cleaned
4. getting ahead on my math homework (I am missing Tuesday and Thursday nights next week, which essentially translates into missing two chapters).

I also start a new class Wednesday, which I am less than thrilled about- a science with a lab (Plant Life in VA).  I hope it's fun and informative.  I am trying to be optimistic (sort of).

Confession: I truly am behind because of my own choices.  But they were so worth it- allow me to explain.

Saturday I relaxed during the day and went to a wedding in the evening.   It was a beautiful and genuine ceremony between two people in love. Also, it was so awesome to see so many of my buds in one place and to let my hair down (in a bigggg way).  Several of us went downtown to Metro after the reception and danced off about a gazillion calories, so I didn't even feel guilty about the forbidden calories I consumed.  I could feel the soreness in my thigh muscles Sunday AM.  And it wasn't just that "I-just-got-run-over-by-a-mack-truck" feeling.  It was exercise soreness.  I thought this was pretty hilarious considering we weren't really trying to exercise.

Okay, so I should probably get my booty moving.  Rational and polynomial functions are waiting.


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  1. plant life in VA? Maybe you'll learn how to take care of plants and you can share this info with me and we can be master gardeners!..........or not. haha