My name is Audrey, and I'm a recovering caffeine-a-holic...

Do you know how obsessed I was/try not to still be with Diet Coke?  I was probably sucking down 5 cans of Diet Coke/day.  My recent revelation that this could be prohibiting my progress with weight loss has inspired me to cut my caffeine intake cold turkey!!

The first couple of days I had a pretty tough headache.  I kind of felt like an addict going through drug withdrawals, which really, was exactly what it was!  But now I am just adjusting to my newfound beverage lifestyle.

I have three new best friends:

1. Water:  I always liked a cold glass of "high quality H2O."  Now I am trying to carry it on my person.  Which has been moderately successful.. I guess.

2. Crystal Light: I now try to have Iced Peach Tea Crystal Light made at the house if I have a hankering for something sweet to drink.  It's actually not that bad.

3. Archer Farms flavored spring water (available only at Target, Blueberry Tangerine flavor is fab...):  We just bought these this week.  So delish.

Happy Weekend to all!



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