Today is Awesome

Today is awesome.  You know those days where you just feel amazing??  Today is one of them, my friend.  Must be the luck of the Irish... even though I myself am not Irish.  Anyway.

I woke up early.  The sun was just starting to peek above the mountains.  It was then I knew I was in an unstoppable, kick-ass, lovin' every damn minute of it, kind of mood.

This feeling went on a brief hiatus when I resumed studying for econ (Debbie Downer noise). No surprise there that Econ is a huge buzz kill.  But then, to my utter disbelief, I got an A on the first proctored test.  Something must have finally clicked!! So I walked to my car with the goofy ass smile on my face from absolute dumbfoundedness.  You know when you think you will never understand something and then you do well and it shocks you shitless?  In other coursework, I push myself expecting to get an A, so when I do, the excitement is always pretty minimal.  But in the rocky start of my Econ student career, I pushed and still floundered.  That is why this A kicks ass.

So then I went and tanned, which let's face it, makes every woman (and man, if he's up to it) feel like a bronzed godness (or god, where appropriate). At the onset of any spring-like weather, you can go barelegged and not be reflective.  And as I always like to say, tan fat looks better than pasty fat.

Then I went to the gym.  I am now ten minutes away from making the StairMaster single-handedly responsible for my all my cardio activity in the gym.  50 minutes today. All. time. high.  I have found reading a magazine/book helps the time go more quickly.  I took my Econ book yesterday and a Marie Claire today.  Music also continues to help motivate me, but I need to make a new playlist because I find myself skipping tracks on my current one. :-/

Frankly, I think I am obsessed with my newly implemented exercise routine and diet.  But do not be alarmed friends.  For where I am and where I want to be, obsession is not a word of danger.  It's actually quite productive.  And I don't cheat or shortchange myself.... ever.  My personality demands I make an all or nothing decision because areas of gray will cause me to falter.  And I have made that decision.

After my workout, I walked outside, got in my car and it was HOT.  Thank God warm weather is projected to continue approaching!

The sun is still shining.  My dogs are looking up at me and I think I will take them outside on a leisurely stroll (and yes, I said leisurely stroll in a British accent.)




  1. 50 minutes on the stair master? you are a bad ass.

  2. it doesn't mean i'm not totally dripping sweat everywhere, but it feels good!! casey, i get to see you in eight days!!