The Tall Mythical Creature in the Corner of the Gym..

And no... I'm not trying to pick up a second boyfriend at Gold's.

I'm talking about the StairMaster.  For years I have yearned to incorporate this calorie burning profesh into my workout routine only to feel downtrodden as it rejected me five minutes in.  Or did I think I might die if I continued on?  It still kicks my ass daily.  Look how scary it is!

No machine in the gym is as intimidating.  The treadmill, bike and elliptical are pie.  Yesterday I saw a man on the Masta with a drenched shirt.  He looked like he had been roaming in the Sahara for 6 months.  I did it for ten minutes and it looked like I met him 3 months into his journey.

My doctor who is helping me in my weight loss suggests doing the Masta every time I set foot in the gym, gradually adding time to it... adding 5 minutes/day is her suggestion.  This sounds hard to me.

So, I decided that I will create a specific playlist for this machine so I won't be watching that time like drying paint.

What's more disheartening than trying to push yourself to stay on the machine and then hearing some lame N*SYNC song that you can't recall adding to your gym mix in the first place... what was it doing in the gym mix?!  Shouldn't it have been on the guilty pleasures playlist?

So today I should be doing the Stair Masta for 15 minutes according to plan.  Here is my debut Stair Master playlist that I hope will keep me motivated:

Song One:
Lil Wayne, Eminem, Kanye and Drake 5 minutes 57 seconds

Song Two:
Misery Business
Paramore, 3 minutes 32 seconds

Song Three:
Get On Top
Red Hot Chili Peppers, 3 minutes 19 seconds

Song Four:
Four Minutes
Madonna and Justin Timberlake, 3 minutes, 12 seconds

(and I will be getting down at fifteen...)




  1. 15 minutes???? Just thinking about that makes my legs and ass hurt.

  2. going for twenty today baby!

  3. I love that machine! It makes you hurt sooo badly, but you feel such a sense of accomplishment when you are done. Get it girlllll. I listen to your playlist everytime I'm in the gym :-)

  4. I can only assume AMB is Ashley? Hahaha. My next visit is 40 minutes. I am kind of in disbelief that I have made it here.