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I typically try to avoid battles of political conflict like the plague...  However, after this historical vote last night, my wheels have been turning.

First of all, I think there is much to be said for the corrupt nature of our political system.  People don't just change their stance on something so substantial.  And by people, I mean senators. Do you ever wonder what really happens behind closed doors in Washington? What kind of money, threats and bribes are thrown around on a daily basis? I think it's something to ponder.  And due to the nature of the beast, we will likely never know the half of it.

As a general rule, I tend to fall slightly left of center on most things.  And health care reform makes me so damn nervous.  Here's why:

While there is such an immense need for correction/intervention of some sort into this situation of jacked up costs of health care, I really worry about what is truly in the bill in the way of tax policy change.  How does it affect my immediate family?  How does it affect my parents?  My grandfather's businesses?  From my initial dive for info,  I think the business front is where the control that is imposed begins to blur the line, if not straight up contradict, the true meaning of democracy.  And yes, there are people without health coverage, people who desperately need health coverage.  The people in their corner want a change... including myself... but only to a reasonable extent.  There are also a really good chunk of people who publicly and outwardly oppose reform.  So that said how do you really find "what the American people want?"  Isn't that a gross over-generalization to say that Washington is giving America what America wants when America was effectively divided down the middle on the bill?

Because I think like this, I will share this thought -> From a communication perspective, I think speaking in generalities hurts President Obama with his opposition in the country.  While I understand his strategic nature of his choosing words wisely, my feeling is he sometimes leads his listeners to wonder what he really means.  What information could he be withholding?  This could have a less desirable effect for him...  the gradual degradation of his credibility.

On another note, I don't believe everything people say sometimes, particularly when it's heated/emotionally driven.  So the facebook statuses, uber-conservative relatives and partisan news networks don't tell me much.  When people are pissed, you have to take things with a grain of salt.  I definitely need to do my homework and research this soon-to-be law a little further.



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  1. I really respect your desire to research this bill for yourself. I don't think anyone can say for sure what impact the bill will have until it actually goes into effect. If it were really going to do all of the horrible things the Republicans say it will, who in their right might would vote for it? If it were really going to do all of the wonderful things the Democrats say it will, who in their right mind WOULDN'T vote for it? It is frustrating to not be able to get real answers and the sweeping generalities make it worse.

    I also think you are wise to distrust Washington politics. My mom's best friend is a senator's chief of staff and from the stories she tells, there is more corruption/deal making/threat making than we will certainly ever know and as you said, it is the nature of the beast.