Some people choose crack; I choose TLC

The Learning Channel, or TLC as we all know it, is my drug of choice.  I say this because I am oh-so-addicted to the relationship-based programming.  But then there are times when I feel feelings of utter regret and anger toward my vice after I overindulge in a good dose of TLC

Top Five Reasons I love to hate TLC
1.  The introduction of Kate Gosselin into my (and America's) life
Kate wearing a dress that is too young for her on SYTTD.
This is the prime example of someone who is famous and does not deserve to be famous.  Someone explain to me how Kate Gosselin is any sort of upgrade from the likes of the trashy OctoMom?  Is it because she appeared to have the perfect life and her kids are adorable?  And Jon.  Don't get me wrong- I can't stand his ass either.  And in no way am I promoting his infidelity in a positive fashion, but damn, can you blame the guy?  Bitch is crazy.  By the way, the kids are adorable.  But you can't tell me Maddie and Kara haven't already started displaying the uber-control freak tendencies from mommy dearest. With the cancellation of the show, Kate in all her power(money)-hungry glory seeks to be on a bigger stage.  Dancing With the Stars? Really? Ugh. Just UGH.
2.  One bajillion, fafillion, momillion kids and counting
"Duggar" will likely become an ethnicity choice on all official government paperwork if they keep it up.  I understand the religious convictions and beliefs.  Not only do I understand them, I respect their family's choice to believe/practice religion.  It's a freedom we all have.  But you cannot tell me Michelle Duggar is not on a strong dose of happy pills.  Ever notice how calm she is?  The woman has 19 kids!  That would be like me taking an entire classroom of kids home with me at the end of a long day, fixing 21 plates of dinner, tucking 19 little ones into bed.  Probably anywhere from 6 to 8 bedtime stories.  I can't imagine this life.  I think it is why it fascinates me so.
3. Say Yes to the Dress and all other associated wedding shows
After planning a wedding, there is just this lonely void in an ex-bride's life.  Thank you TLC for your wedding programming.  Nothing fills my black hole of wedding emptiness like Randy on Say Yes to the Dress and that new gem of a program with four brides attending/bashing each other's events.  Whoever wins gets a dream honeymoon.  How's that for planning motivation, current brides?
4. Stacy and Clinton
They never get old.  They are wise like prophets.  I never tire of seeing them whip someone's style into shape.

5. A Baby Story and Birth Day
Daytime TV for people specially crafted for those who are home in the day time.  Practically the exact same show is masquerading under two different names with A Baby Story and Birth Day.  It's good for me to watch shows like these to remind myself that this pregnant time in life will likely suck until it's very end.  Swollen feet and faces, asses growing exponentially.  Thanks, TLC.  I can wait.


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  1. ok.. this makes me jealous. i freaking lovedddd tlc too. stupid germany. i'm going to live my tv life vicariously through you.