Oh, Econ...

Into the same pot as my Family Financial Management class at Tech, which haunts me to this day, by the way, I am adding another dreadful course.  Principles of Economics.  Don't ask me how I evaded econ in my undergrad career. I suppose it was just lucky... or was it?  Maybe having a teacher to seek face to face help would have been a blessing.

I am enrolled in online Principles of Economics at VWCC to fulfill a licensing requirement for my VA teacher's license. This piece of paper entitling me to a job I will ultimately love is ever-so-close... yet so far away, thanks to Econ.  How in the hell am I getting 70 and 65 on my take home tests?  Did I kill too many brain cells in these past two years?  I feel like a huge idiot.

Maybe some people's brains are hard-wired to be Econ-lovers.  My soror sis, Manisha, majored in Econ and is now in law school.  For her, it works and look where she is now--kicking ass and taking names.

For me on the other hand, I would rather play with modeling clay and glue pompoms onto pieces of construction paper in a journey to make something beautiful.  My brain does not love Econ.  My brain loves children and seeks to be creative on the daily.

I feel like I am learning a foreign language.

At least we get to retake the "take-home tests", as they are called.  But how do you do any better a second time on an open-book exam?  I tried printing off my corrected first try tests for Chapters 2 and 3 to no avail.

My lovely computer simply printed a screenshot of questions 1 through 3, which of course, were the ones I got right.

Pray for me, friends. Pray. for. me.




  1. I'm not missing those Western classes at'll make it through - you always do! :) Hang in there!! XOXO!