Sandy B

Sandra Bullock is now an Oscar winner.  She is also 45 years old.  Have you ever seen a more flawless face on a 45 five year old?  She is stunning and looks absolutely timeless.  I'm no fashion critic, but I think she played it safe on her Oscar look and it was a smart move.  How could she look back on her look below with any semblance of regret?
I was so elated that Sandra Bullock won Best Actress last night at the Academy Awards.  She appears so humble, and being a veteran in the biz, I think it was her turn.  Not to mention her speech was wonderful.

Results of this victory? I need to see The Blind Side now.  I was putting it off because I thought it would likely make me cry.  Well I knew it would make me cry.  I just saw the Today Show interviewing the woman who inspired the film and was even more intrigued.  Netflix tells me I have to wait until April 2010.  Le sigh.

Side note:  A woman won Best Director.  That. is. amazing.




  1. Also amazing.. the WOMAN best director beat out her ex-husband (i.e. the MAN!) wooop

  2. This movie is SOOOO good. You definitely need to see it a.s.a.p. Such a great story :)

    And I, too, was very pleased that she won an Oscar for her performance. She was amazing - as you will soon see.