August Faves

So one of my adoring fans/awesome friends posted a demand on my facebook wall for a post!  Who knew anyone was reading these religiously?  Thanks KC! :)

So I'll start with my favorite things list for the month of August

1. Paul Mitchell Extra Body Root Lifter
My surprise bob haircut from earlier this month resurrected this old bottle of product from my beauty junk drawers.  Thank the Lord I have had this stuff.  I seriously would be hatin' my flat lifeless hair in a corner somewhere without body products and this is truly a fave.  Planning a repurchase soon!
2.  Bare Minerals Eye Shadow in Soiree,default,pd.html?start=7&cgid=BM_SUB_COLOR
Amazing fall purchase for this brown-eyed girl.  Looks great for night using the BE foiling method (aka wetting your brush and applying wet for highest shine).

3. Reebok Shorts My Mom Got Me From Dick's
Cannot locate a good photo or link of the style, but these got me through several gym trips and moving Lance into Radford.  Comfortable, cool breathable fabric and cute light blue color.. still searching for a good picture.  Actually I am sort of thinking it's the shorts in this link but the color I have is not there... Hmmm.

4.  Glade 2 in 1 Creamy Custard and Blushing Apple Candles
Dear Kroger,
Thank you for having these on sale for $2.50/each so I can further daydream about the upcoming autumn season.  I plan to buy out your inventory in all 12,000 of your Roanoke locations.

5. Dawson's Creek
Some of you may know that I have been reliving a teen passion via my Netflix cue.  I have been turning over Dawson's Creek DVDs like mad.  I started at the beginning- the pilot when Jen Lindley hopes off the taxi  So far, I am awaiting Season Two Disc 2- Spoiler: Pacey and Crazy Andie are about to start their relationship and Joey and Dawson make it all too complicated (I think Joey draws Jack soon!!) while Jen gets on my nerves for a few more eppys and the Learys pursue the big D... (divorce, you perverts)...This show was awesome and I am so glad M is giving me full reign of the queue for awhile (we are cheap and only pay to get one DVD in the mail at a time).

Things to watch for in upcoming posts:

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