Six Best Foods for Healthy Skin

I read an article from Yahoo's front page yesterday that detailed six foods that are good for giving you that healthy, glowing complexion that so many strive for.  Luckily, I like all of these foods.  Maybe you do, too!

1. Salmon
Yum!  The article also interjects that a good way to achieve a standard salmon intake is through the ever-lovely choice of salmon sushi. Double yum!  Omega 3 fatty acids in salmon protect skin from looking dry and also battle sun-related damage.

2. Carrots
If I had a dime for every time my Grandma Frances told me carrots were good for my eyesight, I would be a rich lady.  But I never knew that carrots were also good for my skin. Betacarotene in carrots can even out skin giving a healthy glow and also has been studied as a preventative for premature aging due to sun damage.  Sign. me. up.

3. Avocado
I don't typically eat avocados plain, but I would definitely eat the heck out of some guacamole.  The author of this list says avocado trumps olive oil because of its added B vitamins.

4. Beans/Legumes
Of all varieties from chickpea to peanut, according to this article, are beneficial to skin.  My favorite is edamame, but I have to be careful not to overload it with too much sea salt, which is all too easy to do!

5. Grapes
Polyphenol antioxidants in grapes are proven to keep skin tight and sag-free because it improves skin elasticity.  Not that that's a huge concern in your 20s, but I am sure as we approach 30, this becomes increasingly important.

6. Water
Oh water...our friend and our foe.  It's so difficult for me to get enough water.  But from my own experiences, when I do get enough, my skin typically looks a lot better because it is hydrated.  That's just common sense!



  1. I love your blog. AND you make me smile. Hope you;re having a wonderful week! Love you!