Reluctantly Bobbed

My typical visit to the hair salon involves careful planning.  It's not that I am hard to please, I just like to be prepared.  I show up early for my appointment, a magazine in hand with a few pages dog-earred and marked strategically for discussion with my stylist.

After weeks of not being promptly attended to and responded to by my former hairstylist as I was seeking to make an appointment with her, I decided to try a new salon/stylist closer to my house.  Besides, does driving to Salem for a haircut every 6 weeks really make sense?  Anyway, because of this lack of visit to my former stylist plus an at-home coloring (which I am getting ready to do again tomorrow- this time Loreal Feria in French Roast = permanent), my hair had gotten into a rough state.  The ends were dry and split and it just needed some love.  My last haircut was almost three months ago and my longest layers were a little longer than shoulder length.

After dealing with car troubles yet again this AM and retrieving my ghetto-ass loaner car from my grandfather's office with my Dad, I impulsively decided to stop for a walk-in appt. at a reputable, large salon about 5 minutes from the house on my way home.  Besides, I needed a haircut and maybe it would be just the pick-me-up I needed...

When today's stylist asked me what I wanted, my response was simple... "Just a trim, only enough to give it a body boost and get rid of some of the split ends.  I'm in a wedding in October, so I definitely don't want to lose a lot of length."  She nodded in understanding and proceeded.

Friends, I now am the ashamed owner of a Katie Holmes bob BEFORE she got the cute bangs.  I never thought I would be so upset I had a bob.  Don't get me wrong; I love a good bob.  It's just that I had really been trying to grow my hair out for Meghann's wedding, and now I am finding myself googling "clip-on chignon hair pieces." (Now accepting suggestions for clip/wrap extensions for a faking a formal 'do or cute non-prommy alternatives to updos for short-haired bridesmaids.)

It's not that I can't rock the bob, it's that I didn't want to right now.

Has this happened to anybody else in blogland?  Have you ever had a snip-happy hairdresser cut too much off?

It just shows sometimes that when you think it's a good time to switch something up in life, it can bite you in the ass.  Needless to say, I didn't book my next appointment when I paid.

On another note, my car has now acted perfectly normal the day it goes to the mechanic twice in the past two weeks.  Meanwhile, the day before it sees the mechanic, it barely starts or runs.  Oh life...

Here's to a glass (or three) of vino.



  1. 2nd grade...wanted a bob, got a pixie cut.

    I love my Jessica Simpson hair piece!

  2. Oh my god...let me tell you!! The summer before 6th grade, the day before my first time at this new sleepaway camp, I went to get layers (my mom insisted they would look great on me) and the hairdresser pretty much gave me a MULLET!! It was AWFUL. What was worse was it was a hairdresser that my mom & grandma used REGULARLY. I've NEVER gone back to her & I have NO pictures of that time. I was so upset, I BURST into tears as soon as we got out of the salon. Never again. I have layers now, and as usual, my mom was right & they look good. I just can't believe that lady had no idea what layers were...SHE'S A HAIRDRESSER FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!

  3. Not all hairdressers are created equal! Additionally, this layering technique was def nothing I have seen in the past five years.