Tuesday Morning Ramblings

I dropped the ball on my typical all-across-the-board Monday AM post.  I had several little errands to run yesterday morning and just didn't get it done. Not to mention we had a killer weekend at the restaurant and I have been stowing myself away in recovery.

1.  Fab Fall Findings
I went back to school shopping Friday with my Mom and bro.  That was way too fun.  We got Lance hooked up with nearly everything he is going to need for his freshman year of college and first run-in with dorm living.  I ended up coming away with 5 button down shirts (of different styles and varieties), 3 cardigans, 2 tops, 2 pairs of slacks and a pair of flats to jump start my professional wardrobe.  It was a great day and I didn't feel flustered trying things on because I wasn't fixating on size numbers, just the progress I've made.  I do need to get my pants tailored, but that shouldn't be too big of a deal.  I feel ready to start.

2. Reason #451928 Matt Osborne Rocks
Last night, we went bowling with Matt's work friends.  Typically, I lack skill in a big way in the bowling department.  Then my performance anxieties soared when my husband's colleagues were whipping out their own personal bowling shoes and their own balls, I thought for sure I was going to be making a huge a out of myself in front of his friends. And I did, but not at first. 
We had a few beers and lo and behold, the first game, I kicked Matt's ass!  I got several 9s (victories) and even a spare or two.  I beat some of the other owners of balls and shoes with which we were playing.  I was unashamedly overly excited about my mediocre play.  However, game two was not as fruitful, friends.  Consistency is not a strong point for me.  I went up to bowl bound and determined to get a strike and powerfully released the ball...into the gutter... and THEN... it spun out of the gutter and into the neighboring lane.  Then it proceeded to roll down that gutter, affecting one of the hardcores we were with's score (which was not easily fixed, btw).  Mortified doesn't begin to cover the emotion I felt.  Completely and totally.  Thank God my husband loves to laugh at me!  Reason #451928 Matt Osborne rocks?  His laughing at my idiocy, giving others permission to laugh as well, thus alleviating the competitive nature of it all.  If he hadn't laughed at me, I'm pretty sure some people would be pissed his lush wife gave that guy a 0, which his awesome bowling skills would NOT have afforded him.

3.  Time to Re-focus
I have two and a half weeks until I weigh in next, and I need to recapture my hardcoreness.  I feel like I am in the same place as I was last time when I went to weigh in.  I may have spent too much time being overly confident about that last weigh-in, that I let myself lose focus.  The workouts haven't been a problem in the least.  I am still hooked on how working out makes me feel and I have remained consistent and faithful.  However in my dieting life, I am starting to let myself do a few forbidden things here and there, which is a huge red flag for me.  For example, I had a Diet Coke yesterday.  I had lots of beer last night, which at the time, I rationalized was okay because I didn't have dinner (which is a stupid, novice way of rationalizing that, given that the lack of dinner hugely impacted my already record-low tolerance).  I need to re-focus.  Okay now that I have typed it out, I think I can!

4. Dentist Dilemmas
I hate the dentist.  So much in fact, that I haven't been in...wellllll, let's just say a little longer than the recommended time.  I now am the proud owner of  Delta Dental individual dental insurance policy... meaning I am running out of excuses to put off going to the dentist.  But guys this anxiety is way worse than I can illustrate to you.  Thinking about the sounds in the dentist office make me nauseous.  I could literally vom right now.  The drill... I hate.  That suck-all-the-water-out-of-your-mouth thingy is awful.  I wish I could be completely sedated during a dentist visit, even a check-up.  One of the waitresses at the restaurant recommended this place in Salem. (See below as to why)

5. "Emotional Hoarding"
The Today Show is currently talking about something called "emotional hoarding" which is a psyched out term for professional grudge holder.  I think I probably am one.


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