Burn, Baby, Burn...

The past couple times I have exerted any effort in the kitchen, it has been enough effort to turn my stove on.  And I shall be darned if I have not burned myself on two separate occasions this week.

First, the inflicter of my pain was hot tomato sauce, as I was pouring leftovers from a hot pot into a Lock & Lock container (which are amazing for housing leftovers, by the way- see photo) and the sauce splattered on the area of my hand between my thumb and pointer.  Who knows how it happened, but the pain definitely brought tears to my eyes.  Matthew told me to run cold water over it.  So I did.  And it barely blistered...

So y'all I just burned my arm tonight.  On the stove... I alarmed the dogs with expletives.  And my healthy creation in the 400 degree oven (whole wheat muffins made with sugar substitute) ended up sucking and I am throwing them all away... so this burn was all for naught.  So here I am.. arm is burning... hence the name "burn". I have been trying to run cold water over it... and it hurts like Hades.  

So I got inspired to look for some home remedies and I am inviting your feedback.  Here is a list of what "they" say helps with stove burns.  Holler at me.

  • Cold Water Theory
  • Cold Tea Bag Theory- Tannin chemicals in tea bags draw out the heat?
  • Raw White Potato Theory- Starches sooth injury (I hope this is bullshit, as we do not stock white potatoes in this house)
  • Aloe Vera Theory- Soothes- Def test-driving this tonight
  • Mustard Theory
  • Honey Theory
  • Whole Milk Soak Theory (Also never readily available here)
  • Take Me Higher Theory (Elevation alleviates stinging?)
  • Ass Cream Theory (Preparation H lessens healing period?
What do you guys think??  Your counsel might not help me for tonight's snafu, but Lord know I'm gonna burn myself again in my life.



  1. honestly, raw white potatoes and whole milk really do help. I always pull that trick (whichever is on hand) when I burn myself. You could also use sour cream if you keep that stocked! All of those things will take the pain out--keep some neosporin on it (sans band aid) and it shouldn't blister!

    in case you can't tell from my readily available advice, I too burn myself regularly

  2. thanks shelley!! is there something special about whole milk vs. skim milk or do you know if it matters? Neosporin is a good idea.. I also like to put Palmer's Cocoa Butter on potential scars so in a few days I may start doing that for day and neosporin for night. I'm glad I'm not the only burner around here. :)