Monday Morning Ramblings...(Plus August Cardio Playlist!)

Monday morning ramblings brought to by Tired Audrey. Because when the sun doesn't shine neither can I.

1. Chelsea Outshines Her Former Awkward Self
Chelsea Clinton was probably among some of the more unfortunately looking adolescents in the world.  However, she looked amazing and radiant in her wedding photos.  What a transformation she has made!  I really respect the degree of privacy the Clintons were able to maintain during the planning process.  I also respect that they did not bombard Chelsea's guest list with their movers and shaker pals.  Kudos Bill and Hil.

2. I Got Cold at Work
Y'all know I have been jonesing in a major wall for fall (see last post).  Well yesterday at work in my tiny little cash register alcove by the door, I got cold!  I wore jeans and a teeshirt to work and ended up having to borrow/claim a Homeplace hoodie (coming soon for purchase, btw) to keep myself warm!  Once I changed clothes, I felt fabulous.  Didn't sweat or thinking of sweating at all. But I heard that the humidity isn't peacing out for long...thanks Patrick McKee... what a buzz kill.

3. Closet Inventory
I've mentioned my need for professional, good fitting clothes for student teaching.  After ransacking through my closet this weekend, I found a few things that will work, but more that will not.  In this particular case, it is kind of a good thing I am a huge pack rat and still own some of my older, smaller clothes from years past or I would be screwed.  So after my inventory, I made a list (who's surprised?) of what I need to keep in mind during my back to school shopping.
I think this will be my unofficial mental checklist.  I am not going to be a total stickler about it, but at least it gives me a little direction.

2 pairs of trousers
1 skirt I can sit on a floor in without showing my a
1 pair of jeans (I'll get some casual Fridays probably and I really just need these at this point in the game anyway.  I have a black pair of jeans that fit great, but I need a regular dark wash jean)
2-3 cardigans
3+ dress shirts of some kind (whether they are collared oxfords or otherwise)
1 versatile comfortable pair of gray or black flats (I have some fab brown ones from last fall)

4. August Cardio Playlist
Cardio Rut!  Here is some revitalization:
1. Welcome to the Jungle Guns and Roses
2. Rock That Body Black Eyed Peas
3. Wannabe The Spice Girls
4. I Like It Enrique Iglesias ft. Pitbull
5. Boom Boom Pow Black Eyed Peas
6. I'm Your Baby Tonight (Dronez Mix) Whitney Houston
7. Unstoppable Kat DeLuna ft. Lil Wayne
8. Highway to Hell ACDC
9. Don't Stop Believin' Journey
10. Temperature Sean Paul
11. Helter Skelter Dana Fuchs
12. Hell and High Water Black Stone Cherry
13. Yeah/Toxic (Blades Blend Remix) Britney Spears ft. Usher
14. Hella Good No Doubt
15. Wrong Way Sublime
16. Walk it Out Unk

5. The Nature of the General Public
Working with the public since age 15 has been an experience, but something that I am grateful for.  I got to thinking that most people you encounter are really no different than me or my family and friends.  I think keeping this in mind is important as we go out in public places.  It helps me to keep empathy for others to know that most people are good. I think it's something to think about.



  1. The staple to my teacher wardrobe: camis. I know it sounds weird, but I wear one under EVERYTHING and tuck it in, in case of bottoms slipping down or shirts riding up. I figure, the more layers, the less likely exposure. I know lots of other youngish teachers who do the same thing. Especially since you'll be moving around a lot with the young ones, it's something to think about adding to the list! I swear by this strategy, haha.

  2. Thanks for the pointer, Allie!! Totally didn't think about camis.

  3. Auddie the skirt is a nice idea in if I were you, I'd stick to dress pants, especially if you are working with younger elementary. Plus if you wear a skirt you are more likely to have it a) get caught on something and rip b) get caught and get pulled up (ex. something just as simple as lifting a small chair, those things cause major static) or c) you have a runner and you have to chase after. me pants and flats are the way to go :) lol

  4. Your playlists make me so happy :-) They always have songs that I absolutely LOVE!!

    And your clothes list looks good!! You should check out Aerosoles for ballet flats. Try the pair Beckon ( They're REALLY cute in the black & brown!!

  5. Good point about the skirts Noell. Maybe I'll throw funds behind another pair of slacks instead.
    And Lyndsay, I'm glad you like my playlists! I know they help me to get through my workouts. Also, really love those cute flats in BROWN. Presh! Thanks!