So I cried during "Up" this week and...

... now I have this greater sense of gratefulness about the mundane activities of my life.  I know that sounds so stupid because Up is a Disney Pixar film, a cartoon, created for children... but I have been thinking about life and have kept thinking about life since watching it this week... For those of you who have not seen it, it's a must-Netflix cartoon, but bring your box of Kleenexes to the couch.  Sobbing tears in the first ten minutes for me... but let's keep in mind my incredibly sensitive empathy when watching movies. Matt tried to calmly reminded me, "it's just a movie, sweetheart."  I think I cried harder.

So, for awhile now, I have been transitioning from this barfly of a freshly-turned legal drinking age young lady into this woman, no longer thinking for myself alone, planning for a shared future with Matt and enjoying being home so much more.  

Tonight, I got off work earlier than normal and left the restaurant a little after eight.  Instead of scheming up Saturday night plans out, I could hardly wait to get home.  Home to my doggies and to wait on Matt to get home from his friend's house.  I did pit stop by said friend's house to meet their big white Great Pyrenees puppy, Winter.  And meeting her was great because she's absolutely precious and full of energy, but it made me think about my little loves at home and all I wanted was to watch Ivory roll around on her back for a couple hours and watch Tassel curl up at my feet and fall asleep.  As absolutely eventless as this sounds, it's all I wanted to do on my early night off.

Matt and my Dad worked together on our sliding glass door today, which, by the way, has been jacked up far before I lived here.  This is sappy, too.. but it was nice seeing my two favorite men work together in such a cooperative manner.  They both analyze and problem-solve well and have a really nice dynamic and it makes me feel blessed.

I don't want y'all to think I never want to leave home or have fun ever again, because hello, I'm not becoming boring here.  I have a lot on the horizon this fall- weddings, bachelorette parties, Hokie football and student teaching. It's just that I am learning to see the beauty in the smaller things that make our life what it is, the moments between the momentous count, too.  And I think this self-reflective epiphany is worth a moment of documentation.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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