$10 Sewing Kit=Perfect Ass Train Case

So we all know how obsessed I have become with Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals.  So obsessed, in fact, that I have been fretting over how to transport my precious goodies to the Big Apple without incident.  They do best when stored upright.

I found the below train case on the BE site.  Actually I have been eying it for awhile, but having an argument with my cheaper inner self about it costing $35 +shipping.  Just seems a little too much for what it is.
My mom, who I think/hope I have recently converted to BE, happened to find BIG LOTS!  Disclaimer: It's a sewing kit.  Redeeming qualities: $10, perfect for the purpose, had several colors and patterns from which to choose.
I know everyone's lovin' its background.  I needed some good light!

Great and sturdy plastic handle

Disregard the pin cushion.  I'll be taking those pins out, so as to not injure myself!  We all know how easy that could be for me to do...
This case also has a great pocket on the lid for hair ties, cottons balls, q-tips or whatever you so desire.

The dividers in the plastic lid are perfect for the size of several of my jars. I was pretty jazzed about that.  And the brushes lay very nicely in one of the sections, as well.

You can take that top tray out and there is lots of room below.  For sewers, probably originally purposed for scraps of fabric.  For me, probably going to carry shampoo, conditioner, skin care on vacays, and then any Bare Minerals jars that become less-used than others as I acquire more jars at home.  We both lined our bottoms with fabric to keep them clean.  I think my Mom used an old pillowcase and I folded a small towel in half to line the bottom of mine.

Wanted to share the love on this deal!


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