Creative Juices are Flowing...

Lately, I have felt more of an urgent need to be creative than normal.  So I decided to take that creativity to the bedroom.  Please hold your perverted comments.

For awhile now, I have wanted to add a nautical touch to our bedroom.  Seems fitting, right?  We both love the water and got married on the beach.

The wall color is already good to go, as it is this great muted grey color- a perfect neutral for nautical.  I have already moved a couple seashell frames in there that kind of look like this except not so over-the-top colorful (T.J Maxx $5.99)
I put my wedding bouquet in a vase on my nightstand.  For those who didn't know, it was artificial! Wanted to go ahead and quell the worries about dead flowers on my nightstand.
Lindsey and Jackie gave us a frame that is a light blue color and it's already nautical.  We have that hanging up already.  They also gave us a cute basket with seashells dangling from it.  I haven't had a use for it.. until now (see decorative balls below).  Hold your perverted comments, pleaseeee.

 I also think our comforter is a go.  This is what we currently have- Nautica Oslo, minus all those annoying pillows, gee whiz.  Have you listened to comedian Jim Gaffigan talk about pillows?  I concur with his feelings.

First off, I would like to recover our window seat.  My mother-in-law did this for Matt a long time ago with a rich colored red paisley print that matched his old comforter when he moved in.  I like the print, it's just really dark.  Recovering this will be as easy as a trip to JoAnn's.  I will also need to retrieve a couple new shams for the pillows on the sill from TJ.  I noticed the fabric is just pinned with straight pins, so I think this is even easier than I realized--something I could have done a long time ago to brighten things up.
Here are my fabric ideas so far for this project:

Pretty sure I already hate the second one.  Pretty sure it's between #1 and #3.  Andddd I'm pretty sure I like the last print the best, but fear being too theme-y... Butttttt, I think I might just say to hell with fearing that.  Clearly it's what I am after. Here are a couple other finds I would love to snag for our room:

Ship from Pier 1 Imports

Coral is from Pier 1.  Looks like it would be good on this shelved floor lamp we have.

Love these decorative balls from Target to put in a basket somewhere in the room.

I'll keep y'all posted!!



  1. Love the nautical theme!
    1. I love bed pillows, despite what you and Jim Gaffigan think :)
    2. I wouldn't use fabric #3. You're right to think its too "theme-y" I would instead use a solid blue that matches a blue in your comforter for the window seat and accent with a pattern for the pillows
    3. I love the decorative pieces! (boat, coral, balls, etc.) Will Matt give you shit about putting the decorative balls in the basket? Jimmy would, haha. He's say they are pointless. Maybe you could use the basket to hold something more useful like your headbands or something?

    yay for creativity in the bedroom!

  2. I agree with Shelly on the fabric. This way you won't be stuck with one particular theme forever. If you stick to a solid blue, then you can change up the theme if you want to later on. The decorative balls are super cute. You know those tall glass canister things at Michael's--may be cute with the balls, a little sand, and some seashells. Just a thought! Good Luck with it! If you'd like some help let me know!