23,042 lbs.

Check. this. out.

Do y'all know what that is? It's the world's biggest serving of hummus in Lebanon.  They recently beat a world record set by Israel with their whopping 23,042 pounds of hummus.  Apparently over 300 chefs were involved in this feat.  Can you imagine the teamwork required to make this happen??

See the full story here!!

I love hummus.  I didn't always, as with many foods to which I turned my nose up simply because of my unwillingness to try them. One taste of hummus and I was hooked.  Now, we have hummus is our fridge 24-7.  And there are so many delicious varieties.  Roanokers can taste the best hummus in the area at The Isaacs in the Grandin area.  It's a healthy complement to many veggies and whole grain crackers (I have to be careful not to be tempted by regular pita bread).  I didn't always love hummus, but it quickly became lumped into the category below:

Foods I wouldn't eat before I met Matthew Nicholas Osborne but now will eat
Collard Greens
Sushi of any and all varieties
Kibbe (an awesome Lebanese dish-- look it up)
Black beans
Chick Peas (in general)
Jalapeno/Habanero Peppers
Indian Food (in general)
Thai Food (in general)

But my connection with this story is not just as a hummus fiend, but goes a little deeper.

My husband's dad is Lebanese.  I have a feeling he would hold to the notion that neighboring countries and cultures try to take credit for many of the delicious dishes everyone loves--hummus included.  I think Sam would love to hear about this--  Lebanon is on top!!



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