Random Thoughts 5-17: Rain, Herbs, Weight, Ghosts, Choices, Immaculate House, NYC, Etc.

I get mad at myself when I don't/have a lack of inspiration to theme my blog.  Without the focus of one story or topic, I find that my re-reads of my writing tend to feel like ramblings.  If you find this is your assessment as well, feel free to stop reading and wait for my next hopefully narrowed-down post. :)

First of all, this is one of the few systems of rain that hasn't made me want to crawl under a rock and be in my pajamas listening to Coldplay.  When I woke up this morning, I took the trash around (much more successful this week, might I add, as I did not rake my foot with a stick on my way).  The drops of rain on my skin and hair felt amazing.  I pretty much just walked outside in my a tank top and shorts bra-less and flip flopped to complete this task.  Maybe the bra-less part added to my freedom.  Side note about the lack of brassiere: as a well-endowed lady, I normally always try to wear one, but isn't it somewhat liberating to not be wearing one?  And outside in front of God and everybody nonetheless.  So in summation,  I was becoming truly refreshed by the rain, just like our yard and plants.  This is a rare, but notable, occurrence for me.  Maybe it was also to do with the fact that we don't have to water the grass when it's raining!

Last week, I started a small herb garden upon my husband's urging.  His best efforts to envelope me in his hobby of growing things are working in small steps.  We have basil, oregano and rosemary seeds growing on our sill inside.  Well, I mean, I guess they're growing... So far there have been no green breakthroughs through the soil and I check them every day, maybe more than once/day. As Grandma always says, "a watch pot doesn't boil."  Maybe if I forget about checking the herbs, there will be a sprout.  But then they would die because I wouldn't be watering them!  I guess I just have to find a good balance of looking at them that isn't frequent enough to feel like the precursor to failure.

I went to the doctor Thursday to check in on my weight loss progress.  For those who don't know, I do this monthly with my OBGYN.  She is the shit and hilarious. She showed me a great triceps routine, but said she would probably "bust her ass" on her wheeled stool she was pretending was a weight bench.  What doctor says that?! Anyway, while entertaining, that demonstration wasn't the best part of the visit. Given that I don't weigh myself at home, I always go into the appt. clueless about what's going to happen.  And by clueless, I mostly mean anxious.  When you see your body every day, it's hard to know how it's changing.
Well I weighed and I lost 8 lbs last month, which brings my total weight lost almost to 25 pounds.  I am pretty stoked about this.  For the first time I feel like I have found a feasible plan that is healthy and adaptable to long-term.  I get really cranky and lethargic if I don't work out as much as I need to, which flies in the face of all the judging I would do of the workout-a-holics I used to not understand.

Do you guys believe in ghosts?  Sounds dumb, I know.  I think I believe in them.  I have seen what I believed to be apparitions before both in my Dad's old house, which I strongly held was haunted, and other locations, as well.  People I know and people I don't know or can't identify.  Do you think the people in our lives who have already passed can watch over you in both the cliche sense of "watching over" you and even visiting you?  Have you ever been in a dark room and been pretty positive you weren't alone?  I have been mulling a lot of this over lately.

Choice:  When people make a choice, they may or may not be thinking of all the short and long term effects of that choice.  Or they may choose to only attend what they want. However, choices are part of our nature as humans.  We have to make them daily.  We use our perspective at that time to weigh the pros and cons in our situations.  Some choices are highly difficult to undo after their consequences run rampant.  This really sucks.

This weekend, we went to our friends' house.  It was the cleanest house I have ever seen.  It looked staged, like a real estate agent could show it at any given moment.  Holy hell, how inspiring!  It made me want to de-clutter and clean in a major way.

I am ready for our vacation to New York City for our anniversary.  It's getting close!  I think Matt is starting to get excited, too.  He was saying he feels like he has worked hard this year (he has yet to take a single vacation day since the beginning of 2010) and he feels like he deserves a break.  Hearing him say that was nice.  Matt is a really hard worker and rarely gives himself the credit he deserves.  I think we're up for a blast.  I am already thinking about what clothes to pack!!

Okay, I think I am done.



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