Get Your Hair Did.

My personality is very well-defined.  I like my routine and plans and have always been a very change-resistant individual. If it ain't broke, why fix it? Change-resistant, that is, unless we're talkin' about... the 'do.

Does anything feel better to a woman than a new haircut and color? Ashley just chopped a jabillion inches off her hair and is now a new woman.  Every time I get a new coiffure, I spend a good extra 10 minutes getting ready in the mornings for at least the first three days.  You feel so good about your hair, you feel this yearning to step up the makeup, step up the outfits and accessories, etc. etc.

And as if you weren't fabulous enough before your magical trip to the salon, getting your hair did gives you that extra spring in your step--that extra twinkle in your eye.  There is something special about dedicating that time in the chair to focus on yourself.

You are moving toward your full potential when you take care of yourself.
Sidenote: The above statement is something I have recently applied to many areas of my life.  I am specializing in focusing on myself.  Not trying to sound haughty or spoiled, but it's a necessary path to be who I want to be!  From the gym and the diet to the exploration of my dreams to the focus on successfully finishing up my Masters program, it's all taking care of myself.  And it's worth it.

Can't wait to get some new color tomorrow and a trim!  A trim, because I am growing my hair back out.  I have enjoyed it, but I need a change (I must over-crave change in the hair department apparently in hopes of making up for my lack of loving change in other areas of my life.)  Also have to get ready for a fab updo for Meg's wedding in October!

Do blondes have more fun? I guess I'll find out (Again.  Like most springs and summers since 7th grade).  From what I remember, they do.  It's going to be a good summer.




  1. It's good to be focusing on yourself right now! As children come and responsiblities grow, you're inevitably going to lose some/most/all of your focus on yourself. Live it up now while you can!

  2. our lack of children is my rationale for why this is okay :)