My calculus book angers me...

Maybe the book wants me to open it and begin on the 100+ problems which are due tonight.. It cost a whopping $118 dollars for a five week course. Absolutely ridic...

This course is pretty ridic for its purpose in my life.  All material as of yet, has been review of things I desperately tried to block out and forget and is certainly not relevant in an elementary classroom setting.  The class is Tuesday and Thursday nights from six to ten... with little sympathy shown for how long that really is to do... GULP..math problems.

Now that I have gotten that obligatory gripe out of my system, I hope everyone has a lovely Thursday.  The sun appears to be shining and I think it's going to be a beautiful day!  I might lay out on the deck later, time permitting.  I haven't had a good cloudless day to do that lately.  I need to tan my reflective body, but haven't felt motivated to go tan indoors.  By the time I get to the tanning bed, I have normally worked out.. no one likes to put sweaty clothes back on after tanning.  Gross.

Speaking of sweaty clothes, I also plan to work out in a major way after doing this homework, which should be a great release after my brain conks out from mathematics overload.

Ta ta for now!


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