May- Things I Don't Want to Live Without

I saw a list like this on my friend Samara's blog and really wanted to give it a whirl here, as well.  So without further adieu, here is my list of "must-haves" for May.

1.  Bare Minerals Tropical Radiance
I am obsessed with Bare Minerals since trying the make-up line in February and am really obsessed with how tropical radiance makes skin look.  It's better than a heavy blush and can be used all over the face over foundation.  But I just use it to highlight my cheekbones.  Love this stuff for springtime.

2. Nike Comfort Fit Flip Flops
I didn't realize a flip flop could surpass the comfort of Reefs and Rainbows until my Mom bought me these.  I don't have the color above (mine are brown and blue), but the style of the sole is where it's at!  These have memory foam-ish material in them and when you put them on, it's like you're barefoot, except not.

3. Gold Bond Shea Butter Softening Lotion
I have always had a time with cracked heels in the spring and summer months, likely due to excessive flip flop wearing.  This stuff is cheap and awesome.  I have also been tighter with my money and avoiding a pedicure, so this has helped to carry me through.

4. Sunroof

I have a car with a sunroof again!  Woohoo!  Love sunroofs, especially in May before it's too hot to really enjoy one.

5.  Strawberries

'Nuff said.

6.  Chi Silk Infusion
I can't use this every day, or I'll be a greaser.  But every now and then, using Chi Silk Infusion helps combat dry summer hair.  I typically use it alone without other products.  It is the bomb.


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