Dollars and Sense

I found this great article on (a newlywed staple):

4 Smart Spending Tips for Couples

As you all might know, Matt and I merged into the world of joint checking back in March and have been somewhat successful thus far in communicating with one another about money.  I liked this article a lot because it highlights one of our favorite ways to stop from spending money... packing a lunch instead of having meals out.  Matt and I both have individual amounts of "fun money" we are budgeted to spend each month.  Let's not talk about how I have $5 left for May and am def going to be going over my allowed amount (isn't moisturizer a grocery item??).  My point is, the majority of Matt's fun money goes toward lunches out.  Then at the end of the month, he's like "where did all my fun money go?"  Meals out are typically the culprit.  I have tried to be more conscious of having deli meats, breads, cheeses etc. and the kind of apples he will eat (only golden delicious, which I do not enjoy) on hand at all times so he can actually pack lunch.  By my estimation, this has really made a difference.

Seems like a small change, but definitely one worth making!


  1. I had a wake up call when I realized I was spending nearly $60 a month on starbucks...bad for my wallet and my waistline!

  2. I hear ya on this!! Since I've married Trey, I've supported both of us eating packed lunches to save money. However, unless I pack Trey's lunch for him, it won't happen. I usually don't mind too much since I have to pack mine anyway...and it's definitely worth the save because last semester he often spent money eating lunch at the dental school (Subway, McDonald's, etc) I definitely support the packing your own lunch! Plus it's healthier :)
    Will Matt pack his own lunch?

  3. matt woke me up this morning at 7:30 when i don't have to be anywhere until 12 asking me to pack his lunch. does that help to answer your question? hahaha

  4. HAHAHAHA!!! love it. you're a saint :) (did you pack it?) haha

  5. of course I packed it! If I am already up, why not? hahah