A good report

I am excited to report that yesterday's weigh-in with the doc went really well.  As in, much better than I could have hoped for.  I lost another 10 pounds last month, bringing my total loss from my heaviest weight a pound and eight tenths shy of 40 total pounds lost. Yay!

As I lose weight I think I am kind of losing sight of what my body looks like at all.  Basically I have no idea what size I am.  Dr. Floyd says this is normal, especially for where I am in the overall journey and that as I get closer to my goal, those feelings will likely go away.

She also challenged me to lose ten more this month.. which is going to be work, but I know I can do it because I just did it. I am especially motivated knowing that ten more pounds puts me very close to 50 pounds lost.

New playlist coming soon!



  1. that's so AWESOME!!!! I know its not easy, you're definitely putting in the work, and I'm so proud of you for staying motivated and focused! And of look amazing!

  2. Audrey that's amazing!!! I am so proud of you! That's hard work and I am continually impressed to see you achieve all of the goals you set before yourself. You're a rockstar :)

  3. CONGRATS!! That's really really great!! Keep it up...I know you can hit the 50 mark!!

  4. YOU are amazing!!! That is totally great!!! I cant believe how quickly you've lost that much!!! I'm not going to recognize you the next time I see you!! (ps. when can we have another Alpha Gam reunion pls?haha) amazing!

    Im so proud of you!!! I know you will definitely be able to meet your goal for 10 more lbs this month! We can motivate e/o b/c that is my goal too! YAYYY LOVE YOU.