Impulse on 7-14-10

I did an impulsive thing today.  I dyed my hair chocolate brown at home.

Wanting to blow chunks every time I pulled my previously rooty, brassy, 2+ month old highlights back out of my face was the main indicator something had to be done.  However, with my vows to watch my spending/restricted fun money, I was not trying to get this done professionally.  I love Jill and she always does an awesome job, but funds are tight these days.. and in general, I think I am becoming a tighter person!  Oh snap- personal revelation.

So I caved. While in CVS with my Grandma to get her a few things, I meandered down the hair color aisle and impulsively made a purchase.

I boxed it with a demi-perm color (28 washes) w/ L'oreal Healthy Look Creme Gloss Color in 4G Dark Golden Brown.  It's always messy doing home color and isn't the best color I've had ever... but it beats the crap out of 2 inch brown roots.  And it does have quite a bit of red tones in it, which I like.  Being closer to my natural hair color is so much less maintenance.  I wouldn't mind boxing it every few weeks... better than paying $50+ for pro color.  Who I am and what did I do with me?

Don't worry...I won't be scissor-handing in my hair anytime soon.  I plan to make an appt. for a haircut with Jill ASAP.



  1. I am the exact same way! I used to get highlights and I loved them, but seriously, who can afford that every 6 weeks??

    I had an all over color done at the salon in December but now I need a 2nd one- I have been thinking about getting a box color but I'm scared. Did your hair do alright with it?

  2. hey girl! i liked this, but if you use it, leave the conditioner on a little longer than two minutes.. my ends are a little dry :-S

    otherwise, i like the color result. it's really a red brown... some highlights are peeping through, but it looks more purposeful than my skunky look i was rocking before.

  3. this is what I'm afraid of... my hair is always so dry anyway. with my luck all of my hair would break off.

  4. yeah i wouldn't go with this if your hair is already dry... my hair normally is not and the ends are sort of screaming. i am thinking once i get it trimmed it will be better. i have used feria in the past and really liked it. i found the conditioner to be really good. but the feria is permanent color.