Pumpkin Plant Heaven, Osborne Landscaping

Hey hey hey!  It's been a few days, but I feel the need to share with you that Matthew's beloved pumpkin plant was pulled up a few days him! I know you're shocked...  It was his decision and a very sad day for him, as he had such high hopes of making jack-o-lanterns and my pumpkin pies from our crops.  However, the pumpkin was being a resource hog and no one likes resource hogs.  Our teeny fig tree looks like it can breathe again!

We had a great time yesterday with our new $14.99 buy from Lowe's, a small solar-powered multicolored LED ball in the front flower bed.  The colors change, which is kind of fun.  Some might call it gaudy, but we like it.  Looks like the picture below during the day, except our model is a little more ornate and the black comes around the top with a little design. 

And here is a not-that-great photo found through google images of the light at night.

Anyway, a better, more thought-out post coming soon.  Have a lovely weekend.


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  1. I like the LED light. I may have to get one for my patio!