That's Right, Put in Work, Move Your Ass, Go Berserk...

I had another mini weight loss victory yesterday as I was getting ready for work.  It was one of those days where I sigh to myself and say " I have absolutely nothing to wear."  I was struggling to clothe myself and on a whim decided to try an old (but worn maybe three times) pair of cute summer dress pants (3 sizes smaller than my wedding dress) I bought a couple years ago.  And, to my pleasant surprise, they fit!  Truthfully, I am pretty sure these pants never fit me well until now.  I think I snagged them up in a sale without trying them (disastrous idea, I know). I can remember that the pockets used to kind of bow out (annoying to anyone else with hips?) and they don't anymore!

These little celebrations are incredibly motivating to me as I continue down this path.  It's a better measure to me of how far I have come than weighing in.  Although I will say I am verrrrryyy curious to know my current weight.  Like seriously, the suspense is almost killing me.  I don't check in with the doc until the 26th.  I might cave and have to check before then to see where I least my home scale is calibrated the same as my doctor's scale.. but I have to promise myself only to weigh at home one time.

With all this in mind, I'm getting ready to go have a serious work out.  A couple additional gems entering onto the July playlist maybe only for the day:

Kanye's Workout Plan Kanye West (see blog subject line)

Bulletproof- La Roux

I Believe in a Thing Called Love  The Darkness

Happy weekend!!



  1. woot woot! I know that's such an awesome feeling :)

  2. yayyyy!! Congrats, that is so exciting! I too dropped another pant size since last summer! Officially down 4 sizes! YAY GO US!!! LOVE You!!!!!!!