July Faves

My must-have products for July!
1. Paul Mitchell Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner-
This stuff brought moisture back to my post-coloring ends in two days.  I'm considering that miracle work.
2. Bare Escentuals Well Cared For Brush Conditioning Shampoo
I can't believe I didn't own this until today.  I washed my brushes for the first time ever and they are thanking me for it.  Attention Roanoke girls: a big tube of this is only $7 at Kira Kira in West Village on 419 right now!
 3. Grapes-
I used to eat grapes a lot when I still lived at home and I think I burnt myself out on them.  However here lately on these humid sweltering days, I have been enjoying a handful of grapes as a snack.  They are so good and refreshing.  Healthy, too!

4. Bath and Body Works Exfoliating Shower Gel in Sea Island Cotton
Nothing smells better for the middle of summer than Sea Island Cotton. Not to mention this stuff is a great gentle exfoliating body wash.  Caution: Do not be an idiot like I was and try to use as a shaving gel.  It hurts your legs and will gum up your razor.  But it is great for rough spots on feet and elbows!
5.  New Balance 2 Pack of Sports Bras at Sam's Club
This purchase had been a long time coming. I needed new sports bras realllllllly badly. When you have a chest, an inadequate sports bra is not only unflattering as you fly around everywhere during your workout, but also painful at times, especially in my case where some of mine had gotten too big to provide support.  These sports bras have been amazing for me.    These were so cheap (I think I got two for 10-15 bucks).  I can't find images of them anywhere but they have a "lightning dry" feature, which is helpful for the sweaters in the world (this kid right here).  I am considering getting another pack next time I venture out that way.



  1. washing your brushes makes such a difference!
    Also, thanks for the info about the sports bras at Sam's!

  2. omg thanks for the kira kira reference! i also ended up getting the original foundation in tan for $14, a concealer brush for $10 (i didn't have one prior to now) and half price Buxom lipgloss for $9 b/c they're discontinuing it even though it's FAB!!

  3. that comment was misleading... discontinuing the Buxom shade I bought, not the whole line, thank goodness!

  4. oooh, I love me some grapes. I like to leave them in the freezer on super hot days as an alternative when I get those ice cream cravings!

    Also, I totes know what you mean abt the sports bras!!! I like these from Target when they are on sale/clearance! I just got 2 hot pink ones for like 4.98 each on clearance!

  5. Love this list!! Some grapes sound fantastic & I can totally relate to the bra thing. I've ALWAYS had big breasts & it's so hard to find good bras to workout in. I'll have to go check these out!!

  6. Hey...just thought I'd let you know...I left you an award over at my blog!!