Summertime and the living is easy (for now).

Lucky you! Two posts on The Osborne Observer in one day! Hahah :)

For the first time all summer, it felt like summer to me this week.  You may be thinking I'm crazy because it's definitely been hotter than it was this week for the past few weeks.  But finally, I had a chance to do what I wanted... and that was to be summery in every sense of the word.

It was a feeling I had really been missing.  I have been in a "go go go" mode since Memorial Day.  Finally with the restaurant being closed this weekend, no class on Monday and the last few days being much less scheduled than they have been, I got to do summer things.

I laid out at the pool for two days with Jamie.  It was glorious.  There is nothing like getting a tan.  Now when I look down at my legs, I don't cringe at their pastiness.  Last night when Matthew and I got ready to meet Josh and Jamie for dinner, I actually felt tan.  Plus I have legitimate tan lines on my upper bod.  You guys have no idea how huge this is for me.  I love being tan.  Sunshine on my shoulders really does make me happy.

You know that feeling when you go inside after being outside in the sun and you look African?  That's a favorite.  That moment when you peel off your wet swimsuit and see some instant gratification and drink a cold glass of water is amazing, even if you are greasy from sunscreen and sweat...

I love how sunscreen smells.  I whipped out the Banana Boat SPF4 oil for my legs and Australian Gold SPF15 for everywhere else.  Both of which smell glorious- like summer.

Speaking of smells, Bath and Body Works got a new scent and I def stocked up yesterday.  They had a Buy 3 Signature Collection Items, Get 3 Free AND they gave me a $10 off coupon.  In other words, I got almost $70 worth of shit for $27.  My summer scent obsession now is called Forever Sunshine.  I got the Triple Moisture lotion, shower gel and even the spray in this new scent.  I normally don't get the spray from there, but it is me.  It's my new smell for the summertime and I basically love it.

Also, I painted my toes this week and gave myself a pedicure.  That's always a good thing to do to change things up.

I was going to start a painting and then I thought to myself, you know what?  It's summer.  It's gorgeous outside and I have some catching up to do with my favorite season.  Maybe on a rainy day, Mr. Paintbrush.  Just maybe.


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